• This costume is on fire!

    An outfit 50% off, it’s so bright it can burn your eyes!

    September 30, 2014

    Teaser Image

    This fiery hot Fire Dragon Outfit is the winning costume for the “Your Costume - Your Choice” vote this week!

    This means it will be available for 50% off all next week.

    Never heard of this poll? Here’s a link and further information:


    Website News   |   Facebook Page

  • Get Your Perfect Pack

    The best weapons all packed up

    September 30, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Impossible but true: These perfect packs each contain 5 fully upgraded weapons and items – only available until Wednesday and with savings of 50%!


    Golden Pack


    • Golden Big Bang 400 (fully upgraded)
    • Mamba 90 Gold (fully upgraded)
    • Thunder 18K (fully upgraded)
    • Golden Condor (fully upgraded)
    • Golden Gas Mask (fully upgraded)


    Crazy Pack


    • Pumpkin Gun (fully upgraded)
    • Ghost Grenade (fully upgraded)
    • Octopus Cannon (fully upgraded)
    • Spray Pump (fully upgraded)
    • Porky Hog (fully upgraded)


    Classic Pack


    • Burning Hurricane (fully upgraded)
    • Snowball Menace (fully upgraded)
    • Boa 20 (fully upgraded)
    • Alligator 1893 (fully upgraded)
    • Condor Crossbow (fully upgraded)


    Rare Pack


    • Orion (rare)
    • Snake (rare)
    • Delta (rare)
    • Spacegrenade
    • Beetle 1S
  • Boundless Bling

    Today only: Get your spent Tokens back!

    September 30, 2014

    Teaser Image

    This is cause for celebration! Not only will you get three times the Tokens with every recharge today until 23:59, there’s also a chance of getting all the Tokens you spend today refunded!

    10 lucky Brick-Soldiers will be very pleasantly surprised tomorrow when they check their accounts. Good luck!

  • Brick-Heroes

    #21 Brick_Jo

    September 26, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Greetings Brick-Soldiers,

    Today we are continuing our series “Brick-Heroes”, which focuses on you, the players. Every Friday, we’ll put the spotlight on a member of the community because, after all, you’re the ones who make this game so great. You deserve a bit of recognition.

    This week, we got the inside scoop on Brick_Jo!

    As a proud member of the “P0wNeD” clan and owner of the YouTube channel “BricktastischLP”, this Brick-Hero is very well known among the community. His trademark in-game is his Box Helmet, which you can spot from quite a distance.

    His favorite weapon is the Spider 36 because he says it’s the perfect all-rounder for both long and short range. We’ll have the Spider 36 in the shop for 25% off all week!

    Brick_Jo prefers the modes Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, and he loves raising hell on the maps Dusty, Warzone, and SkyGarden. He has also built two maps of his own, “SunnyTown” and “TwoWorlds”, which he sometimes plays as well.

    You want to become a Brick-Hero, too? Then get creative and tell us why you think we should choose you to spotlight next! Send your application to community@brick-force.com with the subject “Brick-Heroes”.

    Until next time!

  • Your Costume – Your Choice

    Vote for your favorite costume for 50% off!

    September 25, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Showing off and having a good time never hurt anyone, and that’s why there are so many costumes in Brick-Force!

    Give us YOUR opinion on your favorite costumes, every week! And the cherry on top: The elected costume will be available for 50% off in the shop for an entire week following the voting!

    Make your choice between the following three costumes:

    • Clown Outfit
    • Sorcerer Outfit
    • Fire Dragon Outfit


    Voting rules:

    • You can only vote for 1 costume every week!
    • The winning costume will be the one that receives the most votes on Facebook by 2 October 2014. It will then be available in the shop for 50% off the following week.
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