• Your Costume – Your Choice

    Vote for your favorite costume for 50% off!

    September 16, 2014

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    Showing off and having a good time never hurt anyone, and that’s why there are so many costumes in Brick-Force!

    Give us YOUR opinion on your favorite costumes, every week! And the cherry on top: The elected costume will be available for 50% off in the shop for an entire week following the voting!

    Make your choice between the following three costumes:

    • Kobold Outfit
    • Warlock Outfit
    • King Outfit


    Voting rules:

    • You can only vote for 1 costume every week!
    • The winning costume will be the one that receives the most votes on Facebook by 22 September 2014. It will then be available in the shop for 50% off the following week.
  • Long Forgotten Treasure

    Golden Weapons in the Shop

    September 16, 2014

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    In the ancient times of the Brick-World, it is believed that the Brick-Elders crafted weapons with priceless gold from Square Cave. After being buried for so long, these golden weapons were uncovered by Stephen Brickshop, the famous explorer. He and his team offered the treasure to the loyal Brick-Army of the King, in the hopes that they would be used to ensure the peace for years to come.

    Don’t miss this golden offer. It is valid until Tuesday at 23:59.

  • Darkness: Full Force

    Black Knight Fully Upgraded

    September 16, 2014

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    The evil Dr. Brickula has successfully regained his full power! With a new pendant from Erebrick, the king of darkness, Dr. Brickula’s armor has become tougher and stronger, crushing anyone who stands in his way.

    So don’t waste any time, grab the infamous fully upgraded outfit and join the most frightening army of Brick-Force! May Brickula’s force be with you.


    This sale ends tomorrow at 23:59.

  • Now that’s crazy!

    Get 25% off Crazy Weapons!

    September 15, 2014

    Teaser Image

    You may have heard of their power, or the Brickers who feared their presence.

    Prepare yourself for the return of these 5 unique and crazy weapons. Get to know them, straight out of the time machine, directly from the future:

    • Paradise Condor
    • Fun Launcher
    • Rainbow Hornet
    • Freedom Hydra
    • Radiant Beacon


    This crazy offer ends Tuesday at 23:59 CEST !

  • Brick-Heroes

    #19 Norby36

    September 12, 2014

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    Greetings Brick-Soldiers,

    Today we are continuing our series “Brick-Heroes”, which focuses on you, the players. Every Friday, we’ll put the spotlight on a member of the community because, after all, you’re the ones who make this game so great. You deserve a bit of recognition.

    This week we had a heart-to-heart with Norby36!

    This Brick-Hero is already famous among the community for his masterpiece "Overgrown" – this is a Map of the Week that you’ve simply got to check out if you haven’t already!

    One of his favorite weapons is the Spider 36 because it was his first good gun, and he continues to enjoy it regularly in combat. But as a passionate sniper, he also greatly appreciates the Reindeer Crossbow. In his honor, we will offer 25% off the Reindeer Crossbow in the shop all week!

    In the beginning, Norby36 preferred “Build & Destroy” mode, but lately he focuses more on Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Zombie mode. He primarily plays on the standard maps, but once in a while you can find him on maps built by his buddies.

    You want to become a Brick-Hero, too? Then get creative and tell us why you think we should choose you to spotlight next! Send your application to community@brick-force.com with the subject “Brick-Heroes”

    Until next time!

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