What is the B-Hub?

The B-Hub is a free tool to connect you to your favorite apps in Brick-Force. Use Facebook, Skype or browse the internet while you’re ingame and much, much more! It was developed for Brick-Force in collaboration with Overwolf.

What apps are available for B-Hub? 
Skype, Internet, Twitter, Facebook, Teamspeak, Video Recorder, Steam chat, X-Fire chat, Gmail, Meebo, Screen Capture, Music Player, YouTube, gtalk Chat, Y! Messenger.
What languages is the B-Hub available in? 

The B-Hub supports the following languages: English, Russian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Turkish.

How can I add my friends to the B-Hub’s Skype widget? 

You don’t need to! All your Skype friends will automatically be displayed in B-Hub. If you want to add a new friend, simply do it via Skype. To access Skype, mouse over the B-Hub and click the large Brick-Force button to access the complete list of apps.

How can I access all of the apps such as the music player, X-Fire, Steam chat, YouTube or Gmail? 

To access the complete list of apps, mouse over the B-Hub and click the large Brick-Force button.

How much does the B-Hub cost? 

The B-Hub is 100% FREE!

I can’t connect to Skype with the B-Hub. What should I do? 

Please open Skype and go to “Tools” > “Options” > “Advanced” > Manage other programs’ access of Skype” (at the bottom) > choose “Overwolf.exe” > Click “Change” and make sure Overwolf is allowed.

How can I report an error? 

Click on the tool wrench item to open the settings window. On the “General” tab, click on the “Found a bug? Please let us know” link. Add your comments and make sure the option to “Include log files with my report” is checked. Then simply click on the “Send” button. You could also send an email to support@overwolf.com.

Why do I need to provide my Facebook login details in the Facebook widget? 

Just like when you visit Facebook’s website, reading your newsfeed or posting screenshots and status updates requires you to log in. To protect your privacy, this is done using Facebook’s independent login process, so your login details are just as safe as they normally are when you log into Facebook’s website.

When I click on the Skype button, there’s a message asking me to authorize the B-Hub Skype widget. Why? 

The B-Hub offers the best voice communication solution ingame, with Skype. To make sure that the B-Hub is not malware, Skype is asking you to authorize the communication with the B-Hub. This has to be approved in order to use Skype ingame via B-Hub.

Which Operating System do I need for the B-Hub? 

Windows 7, Vista or XP.

What are the minimum system requirements for the B-Hub? 

Operating System: Windows 7, Vista or XP. (Mac users, we are working on it), 50MB of free hard drive space, DirectX9 or DirectX11, Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1.

I would like to request a new feature for the B-Hub. Who should I contact? 

We would love to hear about any new features you might want to see in the B-Hub. Please forward your suggestions via email to team@overwolf.com.

Can I change the 5 shortcut apps that appear? 

Yes, simply mouseover the B-Hub, click on the Brick-Force button, then drag-and-drop your favorite apps to the top!

How does the B-Hub work? 
Launch the B-Hub before you start Brick-Force. Move your mouse cursor over the B-Hub tab to access the wide range of tools. If no mouse cursor is available, press Shift+F1 to control the B-Hub and Shift+F2 to hide the B-Hub. You can create your own personal hotkeys in the settings window. Access the B-Hub at any time to play your favorite music, chat to your friends, record videos, browse the web and more.
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