Introduction to Maps

What are Maps?

Build Mode is one of the two main features of Brick-Force. Once your map has been registered, players from across the world will be able to play it and you will even earn points for its popularity. You can build a map on your own or with up to 7 other players.

Who is the Map Owner?

The map owner is always the player who first created it. The map creator is the only player who can grant and deny the rights to edit a map.

Can I Create Maps with my Friends?

You and your friends can work together and build the great Pyramids of Egypt, the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower. Your possibilities are vast and the more players working on one map, the more fun will it be. The map owner can set a password so only selected players can join. Pressing Ctrl will bring up the admin interface where the owner can choose which players are also granted building rights.

Why do I have to Register a Map?

Only registered maps are open for everyone else to play in. Your map needs to fulfill certain requirements for it to work in different game types. Take a look at the different game types in the Play Tutorial. Pressing “Esc” in Build Mode will bring up the “Register” button.

Attention! If a map you previously registered is inactive for more than 3 months (meaning if it hasn’t been altered, downloaded or played in), we are reserving the right to delete it. However, we will only delete maps when our webserver is threatening to burst. Now then, get your square hiney to the building site, soldier!

Press “Esc” in Build Mode and click on “Register” to make your map available for everyone to play.

What is an Official Map?

Official maps are maps that have been created by the game developers or chosen from the community for official selection.

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