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Pick your favorite mode to play with your friends or people all over the world. Brick-Force offers you a whole variety of weapons and accessories to choose from, and the best part is: you can enhance items the way YOU want to! The upgrade feature is your ticket to winning – remember, the better the equipment, the greater your score. Find out all about upgrades and game modes in the following paragraph.

Before you Start…

Enter the shop section “Upgrades” to buy a Gem. There are two different groups of gems: one set of colors for weapons and one for clothing and accessories. Select an item that you want to upgrade by clicking on it in your inventory and click the little blue “Item Upgrade” button on the bottom to enter the upgrade interface.

The non-Elite Weapon or Equipment Gems can be used to upgrade one random weapon or equipment property, respectively. The Small Gem can be used by any rank player and will work until all properties are upgraded to level 3. If you want to upgrade properties to a higher level than 3, you will need a Medium Gem which works for players from rank “Warrant Officer 3” and higher and up to property level 6. From property level 7 onwards, you will need a Big Gem and rank “Captain 5”.

Upgrading an item which has not yet been enhanced will never fail. However, if you upgrade an already enhanced item, there might be a chance of failure.

Elite Gems give you the ultimate upgrade. They will never fail, aren’t bound to any rank and you can select yourself which property you want to upgrade.

Team Deathmatch

You will see the room name and the two teams: red and blue. Whichever of the two teams reaches the most defeats before time is up, wins.

Team Deathmatch can be played with up to 8 vs. 8 people on the map of your choice; whichever team defeats most of members of the other, wins.


Deathmatch is the classic FPS scenario. It’s a game of cat and mouse where every player must fight for themselves. ”Kill” indicates how many players have been defeated so far and “Count” indicates the total number of kills needed to end the game. If the number of kills needed is not achieved, the game will finish once the max game time (set by the host) has been reached.

Game modes Image

Pick this mode if you want to play a classic Deathmatch.


The primary aim of the red team is to plant the bomb and the blue team’s goal is to defuse it. All members of the Red Team are equipped with a bomb and have the opportunity to plant it at a Bomb Site. All players on the Blue Team are capable of defusing the bomb.

  • To win a round, the Red Team must either eliminate all Blue players or plant the bomb and prevent the Blue Team from defusing it before it explodes. If the max round-time is reached and the bomb hasn’t yet been planted, the red team will lose the round.
  • To win a round, the Blue Team must either eliminate the Red team before the bomb has been planted, defuse the bomb before it explodes, or survive the complete round-time (set by the host) with at least one player still standing.
Game modes Image

Pick Defusion mode if you want to either plant a bomb and defend it (team red) or keep the other team from planting it in the first place (team blue).

Capture the Flag (CTF)

CTF or Capture the Flag presents your team with one goal: grab the flag and carry it to the enemy base. All of the flag spots are visible on your radar. If a flag carrier is defeated, they will drop the flag before respawning. The flag will then appear once again on everyone’s radar where the flag carrier was defeated, until it is picked up. The red and blue numbers at the top of the screen indicate how many times each team has succeeded to capture the flag. Whoever scores the most captures in one round, wins the game. The bar below the scores indicates how far away you are from each capture point.

Game modes Image

The blue team will have to carry the flag to the red drop sport and vice versa.

Build 'n Destroy

Build and Destroy offers you the unique opportunity to combine several build phases with the Team Deathmatch mode. Before the game starts, you can define the map size. In addition, the duration of each build phase and each destroy phase can be set. As soon as the first build phase is over, the separating wall in the middle of the map disappears and the Team Deathmatch phase begins. After this period is over, another build phase begins in which you can expand the previously constructed base.

Game modes Image

Build sturdy defense walls during the build phases and use them as your base in the destroy phases.

Defense Mode

Defense Mode combines multiplayer action with the challenge of defending and attacking computer generated opponents, resulting in a dynamic mix of combat, strategy and teamwork. Two teams of up to four players must face-off against each other while protecting their bees and other monsters from the opposing team. The Blue bees must be protected by the Blue team and Red bees by the Red team. Before the game kicks off, the host can set the amount of points each team begins the match with. When a team loses all their points, they lose the match. Points are lost when the opposing team manages to escort a monster to the exit portal. The scale below the point counter indicates the intervals at which a “boss monster” appears. When, for example, the Blue team manages to eliminate the first 20 Red bees, a “Blue boss” will appear which will be tougher for the Red team to destroy. Keep a close eye on your boss monsters! If your team’s boss monster manages to escape through the exit portal, the opposing team will lose extra points on the counter, bringing your team closer to a win. To summarize, in Defense Mode the number and type of escaped monsters determines a win or a loss.

Game modes Image

Protect your monsters from the opposing team and buzz your way to victory!

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