How to Build & Destroy

This short tutorial will to give you some tips and tricks how to set up a Build and Destroy match and what features can be found when creating a match.

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Key Binding

First, open the Settings screen. It’s the small cogwheel in the top left part if the main lobby. From there, select Controls and scroll down until you find “Toggle Mode .bndTutorial.only)”. This key is used to switch between your weapon and the build gun during the Destroy Phase. You may keep the suggested key or define a new one that fits you better.

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Creating a Room

Back at the main lobby, select Play Rooms and press the Create button. The Create screen will open. On the left side is a list of Modes. Select Build and Destroy. After that select one of the maps offered, seen on the right. Below Mode you can adjust the match to your liking:

  • Build Phase sets the duration of the build phase.
  • Destroy Phase sets the duration of the destroy phase.
  • Rounds set the amount of rounds. A round is defined by one build phase followed by a destroy phase.
  • Objective, Weapons, Max Players, Auto Balance functions the same as with every other mode.

When you activate “Building during Destroy Phase” you are able to switch to the Build Gun and continue building during the Destroy Phase. For the key to toggle see above.

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The Lobby works as with any other game mode. Don’t forget that Mid-Game Joining is not possible with Build and Destroy. So it is best to wait until enough players are present.

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The match will begin with a Building Phase. The map is divided by a Force Field, separating both teams. Each team now is able to build on their half of the map.

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Building works the same way as in Build Mode. With “M” (default) you can open the Bricks Menu. Click and drop the bricks you want in your Palette top of the screen. Left Click places the brick you have selected. Right Click removes the highlighted brick you are pointing at. Bricks with black and yellow stripes cannot be removed. Each member of your team has the same permissions to build and remove bricks like you. After the time selected during match creation, the Build Phase will end and the Destroy Phase will begin.

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Now the Destroy Phase begins. The Force Field is lowered and Weapons are activated. The Destroy Phase is Team Deathmatch played on the map both teams build. If multiple Rounds are selected when creating the match the Force Field is raised again when the timer runs out and a new Build Phase is started.

How to Build & Destroy Image

If “Build during Destroy Phase” was activated during room creation, all players can switch to their Building Guns during the Destroy Phase. To switch to the Build Gun during the Destroy Phase, use the Toggle Key defined in your Settings (see above). Now you can use your Build Gun during the Destroy Phase. To switch back to your weapons just press the Toggle Key again.

That’s it for Build and Destroy, the rest of the gameplay in this mode is identical to that in Build and Play Modes. Have fun!

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