How to Create a Map

How to Create a Map Image

Hello Brick-Force players! After logging in, you can choose from the following options:

  • Play will take you directly to Play mode, for those that want to dive straight into the action.
  • Build will bring you to the Build mode, for those who want to get creative.
  • Tutorial will let you play a short introduction to the game, introducing the basics.
  • Beginner is for those who are new to the game. Once you’ve become a Corporal, you will no longer be able to enter the beginner channel.
  • Shop leads you to the Item Shop where you can purchase Tokens and cool items.
  • Clan is for Clan matches where you can compete with other clans.

The yellow arrow in the top left corner will appear in most of the menus and will take you back one screen.

Hint: You can now buy permanent weapons in the Shop. These will, however, decay bit by bit, the more you use them in matches. A weapon will not break if you leave a game before it is over and if a match lasts less than 2 minutes. You can repair broken weapons by clicking on one in your inventory. A small “repair” icon appears at the bottom of your game screen. Repairing requires Force Points. Rented weapons need no repairing.

Choose the beginners' channel if you need a game introduction, the editing channel to build maps or the battle channel to play against others. Channel selection is not final.

How to Create a Map Image

Here you can select a channel or “location” to play in. Our example only contains the flag of the European Union, however, different flags will appear depending on your location. You can choose to play in your own country or with players from abroad. This selection will have no effect on your language settings.

Choose the country you want to play in here. The flag will indicate the server location.

How to Create a Map Image

You’re now ready to start blasting or building! Either Join an existing game, create or browse for games in Play/Build Rooms, visit the Item Shop, view the Map Manager or select your equipped items under Inventory.

View your own stats, wealth and XP on the left side and chat with others via the chat window at the bottom.

Select “Game Rooms” and then “Create” to start a new game.

How to Create a Map Image

Here you can either choose to modify an existing map or to create a brand new one.

TITLE refers to the name of the room. There will be a default title here whenever you create a map. However, you can change this by clicking on the “Title” bar. A room title is mandatory.

The PASSWORD field with the key symbol enables you to password protect your room. When somebody wants to play build mode with you, they will have to enter this password. A password can consist of 4 characters. Creating a password is optional.

With the “Max Players” option, you can define the maximum number of players you intend to allow to work with you on your map. The maximum number you can choose here is 8, including yourself.

Naturally, if you are playing for the first time, you will have to create a brand new map. When creating a map, you can choose which kind of skybox you want and which landscape you like best. The second “Title”, of course, refers to the name of your map.

Choose an old map for editing or an empty slot for an empty map and press “Create”.

How to Create a Map Image

Now the real fun begins! At the top of your screen, you will see a selection of bricks you can choose from. This is your brick bar which is used as a shortcut. In this example, pressing 1 will place dark green bricks. You can also scroll through different brick types in your bar with the mouse wheel.

Underneath the brick bar, you can see the number of bricks already used in your map.

You will see the type of Brick-Gun that you are using in your hand and a row of special skills at the bottom of the screen. Pressing F will place bricks normally, G activates the Streamliner and H triggers the Swappie. You can always change assignment of keys in the System Settings.

Use numbers or the mouse wheel to scroll through the brick bar and gain an overview over how many bricks you have already used.

How to Create a Map Image

To place a brick, aim your Brick-Gun at the ground and left click. The green crosshairs indicate where your brick will be placed. You can also see how many meters distance there is between yourself and your target and in which direction you are pointing.

To delete a brick, aim your gun at the brick you want to remove and then right-click the mouse.

The little map at the bottom right demonstrates your map’s thumbnail. You can change your maps thumbnail by repositioning yourself before you save your map.

Set a brick by aiming your brick gun’s crosshair at the point of your choosing and click your left mouse button. Delete a brick by aiming and right-clicking.

How to Create a Map Image

Pressing “Ctrl” will take you to the admin interface. Here, you can see the owner of the map (indicated by the crown symbol). The owner is always the person who first created the map.

Only the owner can grant and deny the rights to make changes in a map. Just check the “Permissions” box underneath, and your friends can work together with you. If your map isn’t password protected, anyone who sees it in the build room list will be able to enter as well. Owners can also kick players if they choose.

Press “Ctrl” to view the admin interface and choose which players can help build your map.

How to Create a Map Image

There’s far more than just ten bricks to choose from! Press “M” to view the entire arsenal. Choose from “General bricks”, “Color bricks” or “Deco bricks” to see all the other bricks you can build with.

Press “M” to open the brick selection interface.

How to Create a Map Image

Move any bricks you want into your shortcut bar by clicking on them in the brick selection interface and placing them in the brick bar. Close the brick selection interface by pressing “M”.

Hint: Pointing your mouse at a certain type of brick and clicking your mouse wheel will move that brick type directly into your brick bar.

Simply click and drop to place any bricks of your choosing in the brick bar.

How to Create a Map Image

Of course, maps are most fun to build if players enjoy playing in them once they are finished. The most basic game mode required for a map that you and your friends can play in is “Team Deathmatch” mode. Because each map can be played by a maximum of 16 people (for example eight red vs. eight blue in Team Deathmatch mode), you MUST place 16 spawn points on each map, even if you only plan to play four vs. four on your map. Whenever somebody dies in-game, they will respawn at one of the spawn points.

You MUST place a total of 16 spawn points for a map to be playable in shooter mode.

How to Create a Map Image

Are you ready to show your map to the rest of the world? Time to register it. Access the register menu by pressing “Esc” (Escape).

Don’t forget to save your map every now and then. Exit to the main menu if you no longer feel like building maps. Exit the game (if you have to) or press Cancel to get back to building mode.

Attention! If a map you previously registered is inactive for more than 3 months (meaning if it hasn’t been altered, downloaded or played in), we are reserving the right to delete it. However, we will only delete maps when our webserver is threatening to burst. Now then, get your square hiney to the building site, soldier!

Press “Esc” to view this interface. Save your map whenever you can and register it to make it available to the public.

How to Create a Map Image

Once you have pressed “Register”, this information screen will appear, confirming whether your map is playable or not. The green text stating “Map is ready to be registered.” means you’re ready to go! However, our tutorial map currently only fulfills the preconditions for Team Deathmatch mode. None of the other modes can be checked at this point. Register your map with either Force Points, Brick Points or Tokens.

Furthermore, the interface shows you how much your map has cost to build up to this point. It can also be accessed at any time during building by pressing and holding down the “Tab” key.

The registration fee mentioned here is the highest fee you will have to pay to register your map.

In addition, you can set a Download fee which every player will have to pay when they download your map. The highest fee you can enter here is 100.

Select “Register” to view this interface. Check which modes your map is playable in and see how much it will cost to make it public.

How to Create a Map Image

In this screenshot you can see the preconditions necessary for all available game modes in one single map.

The green flags are needed for “Deathmatch” mode. Find out more about this in the Deathmatch tutorial.

The three flags with the checkered foundation are required for the “Capture the Flag” (CTF) mode. The goal here is to capture the enemy flag and carry it to the capture point. Find out more about this in the CTF tutorial.

The two Defusion Spots you see at the back are filled with explosives but the bomb is missing. Find out more about this in the Defusion tutorial.

The fifth mode is called Build and Destroy. This one doesn’t need any more extra bricks as you start off on an empty map when round one begins. Find out more about Build and Destroy here.

Check out the Play Tutorial here to learn more about all Play modes.

How to Create a Map Image

Our map has now been filled with the necessary objects for all game modes. Now, it is up to you to fill your map with players by registering it! Make your map public by clicking “Register”. Let the blasting begin!

Click “Register” to make your map public for everyone to play.

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