How to create a room

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Hello Brick-Force players! After logging in, you can choose from the following options:

  • Play will take you directly to Play mode, for those that want to dive straight into the action.
  • Build will bring you to the Build mode, for those who want to get creative.
  • Tutorial will let you play a short introduction to the game, introducing the basics.
  • Beginner is for those who are new to the game. Once you’ve become a Corporal, you will no longer be able to enter the beginner channel.
  • Shop leads you to the Item Shop where you can purchase Tokens and cool items.
  • Clan is for Clan matches where you can compete with other clans.

The yellow arrow in the top left corner will appear in most of the menus and will take you back one screen.

Hint: You can now buy permanent weapons in the Shop. These will, however, decay bit by bit, the more you use them in matches. A weapon will not break if you leave a game before it is over and if a match lasts less than 2 minutes. You can repair broken weapons by clicking on one in your inventory. A small “repair” icon appears at the bottom of your game screen. Repairing requires Force Points. Rented weapons need no repairing.

Choose the beginners' channel if you need a game introduction, the editing channel to build maps or the battle channel to play against others. Channel selection is not final.

How to create a room Image

Here you can select a channel or “location” to play in. Our example only contains the flag of the European Union, however, different flags will appear depending on your location. You can choose to play in your own country or with players from abroad. This selection will have no effect on your language settings.

Choose the country you want to play in here. The flag will indicate the server location.

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You’re now ready to start blasting or building! Either Join an existing game, create or browse for games in Play/Build Rooms, visit the Item Shop, view the Map Manager or select your equipped items under Inventory.

View your own stats, wealth and XP on the left side and chat with others via the chat window at the bottom.

Select “Game Rooms” and then “Create” to start a new game.

How to create a room Image

Now, let’s try out the various play modes. Each mode has its own type of gameplay.

Title refers to the name of the room. You can change this so your friends can recognize which game room to join.

The little key symbol enables you to password protect your game room. Passwords can consist of 4 characters. Creating a password is optional.

With the Max Players option, you can define how many players you intend to allow to play simultaneously in your game room. The maximum number of players you can select here is 16, including yourself.

Finally, you can select which map you want to host from the maps that you’ve downloaded. If you’ve built your own map, it will appear in the list after you’ve registered and downloaded it.

Name the room, decide how many people you want to play with and choose a map.

How to create a room Image

This interface is also the point where you pick the game mode that you want to play in.

Some modes require a time limit which can be adjusted by the host.

In team or solo Deathmatch, Objective is the number of players that must be defeated for the game to be completed.

Weapons allows you to choose which weapons are allowed in your game, for example when you want to host a pistol or melee weapons only game.

Mid-Game Joining lets people join while the game is already active; uncheck if you don’t want this.

Click the Auto Balance checkbox when you want each team to have an equal number of players. If you begin a game 1 vs. 1 and check Mid-Game Joining, everyone is free to choose which team they want to join, so you might end up playing 1 vs. 8! If checked, Auto Balance will automatically sort players into teams.

Choose a game mode and press “Create” to get to the next screen.

How to create a room Image

In this screenshot we have selected Team Deathmatch. Here, you can see the room name and the two teams: red and blue. The host will be labeled with the crown symbol. The host will see the Start button, which can be clicked when all other players have selected Ready.

The small arrows in the middle let you switch team colors.

On the left side of the screen you can see the map you have chosen. The thumbnail represents the map itself. Right underneath, there is a list of the previously chosen options time limit, mid-game joining, team balance and objective. Clicking on the small cog symbol next to the map name will bring you back one screen to change these options if needed.

Press “Start” to begin the game.

How to create a room Image

We are now in-game! This is the interface you see right after entering Team Deathmatch.

Your radar is in the top left of your screen with an alarm clock displaying how much time has passed in this round.

The numbers at the top indicate the number of players defeated on each team and 50 indicates the number of kills needed for the round to end (in Team or Solo Deathmatch).

Check out the green crosshair in the center of your screen. If you are using a sniper rifle, right-click to zoom in. Like in almost all First-Person-Shooters, left click to shoot.

Your health and armor bars can be found in the bottom left of the screen and your ammo capacity in the bottom right. You can press “R” to reload your ammo at any time.

Your Action Panel is the bar in the central bottom of your screen. You can acquire unique power ups for your action panel by obtaining consumables or special items. Press the shortcut keys shown on the action panel to activate the various power-ups.

Shoot with left click, keep an eye on the countdown in the top left of the screen and reload by pressing “R”. Swap between weapon types by scrolling through them with the mouse wheel.

How to create a room Image

Pressing “Esc” will open the Menu. Exit the room to the Main Menu, quit the game (if you have to) or choose “Cancel” to go back to the game.

Hint: Pressing “Esc” will NOT pause the game or make you invisible so watch out for opponents!

Press “Esc” to view the menu.

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Pressing and holding down “Tab” will show the score screen. All players, including ranks and names will be listed here. You can check how many other players you have defeated (Frags) or wounded (Assists) and how often you have died (Deaths). “Score” will show your current score and with “Ping” you can see your internet latency to check if your game is running smoothly.

Hint: Press “Enter” to use chat.

Press and hold down “Tab” to view the current round‘s stats.

How to create a room Image

Some map builders install turrets which later can be used by gamers playing the map. Press and hold down the action key “E” to mount the turret, press “Spacebar” to dismount.

Press and hold down “E” to mount a turret, press “Spacebar” to dismount.

How to create a room Image

In classic Deathmatch, it’s a free-for-all where everybody on the map tries to defeat everyone else. “Kill” indicates how many people have already been defeated in this round, “Count” indicates the total number of defeats needed to end the round.

Play this mode if you want a game of classic Deathmatch.

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In Capture the Flag or CTF, the goal for each team is to pick up the flag and carry it to the opponent’s capture point. You can see the flag and the capture points on the radar.

If a player carrying the flag is defeated, this player will re-spawn at a random spawn point and drop the flag in the process. When this happens, the flag appears on everyone’s radar again and all players can pick it up wherever it’s been dropped.

The score panel at the top indicates how many times each team has succeeded to capture the flag. The team with the most captures at the end of the round wins the game.

The bar under the score panel indicates how far away you are from each capture point.

Hint: The blue team will have to take the flag to the red capture point and vice versa.

Pick up the flag and take it to your opponents’ capture point.

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The next mode we are introducing is called “Defusion”. Here, the red team’s goal is to plant a bomb and the blue team’s goal is to defuse it.

Every player on the red team is equipped with a bomb that they can attempt to plant at the bomb site. As soon as the bomb is planted, the Blue team must defuse it within a time limit.

Plant or defuse the bomb by pressing and holding down the action key “E”. This will take about 6 seconds so bring along team members for protection! Once a bomb has been planted, a countdown will start which is visible to everyone on the map. When time is up, the bomb explodes and the blue team loses. If the blue team is able to defuse the bomb before it explodes, they win the round.

You can see both bomb sites on your radar at all times.

Plant a bomb at one of the two bomb sites and press and hold down the action key “E” to plant (red team) or diffuse (blue team) it. 

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Build and Destroy offers you the unique opportunity to combine several build phases with the Team Deathmatch mode.

Before the game starts, you can define the map size. In addition, the duration of each build phase and each destroy phase can be set.

As soon as the first build phase is over, the separating wall in the middle of the map disappears and the Team Deathmatch phase begins. After this period is over, another build phase begins in which you can expand the previously constructed base.

Hint: Bricks marked red in the Brick bar indicate ones that cannot be placed in this mode.

Build sturdy defense walls during the build phases and use them as your base in the destroy phases.

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Defense Mode combines multiplayer action with the challenge of defending and attacking computer generated opponents, resulting in a dynamic mix of combat, strategy and teamwork.

Two teams of up to four players must face-off against each other while protecting their bees and other monsters from the opposing team. The Blue bees must be protected by the Blue team and Red bees by the Red team.

Before the game kicks off, the host can set the amount of points each team begins the match with. When a team loses all their points, they lose the match. Points are lost when the opposing team manages to escort a monster to the exit portal.

The scale below the point counter indicates the intervals at which a “boss monster” appears. When, for example, the Blue team manages to eliminate the first 20 Red bees, a “Blue boss” will appear which will be tougher for the Red team to destroy. Keep a close eye on your boss monsters! If your team’s boss monster manages to escape through the exit portal, the opposing team will lose extra points on the counter, bringing your team closer to a win.

To summarize, in Defense Mode the number and type of escaped monsters determines a win or a loss.

Protect your monsters against the opposing team and buzz your way to victory!

How to create a room Image

You can rate the map you just played at the end of the game, which will be beneficial for you and the map creator. You have 50 pieces of “Star Dust” per day which can be used to rate your favorite maps. Use it wisely! Star Dust will be rewarded right away.

Use your Star Dust to rate a map. You have 50 Star Dust to reward your favorite map creators every day. Star Dust is converted into Brick Points for both you and the Map creator when rewarded.

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