Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions

Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions Image

To play Pick ‘N’ Win, click on the “gift” symbol in the top left corner. There are ten Pick ‘N’ Win boards to choose from. Each board has 300 tiles.

Remaining indicates how many tiles are left on the board.

Remaining Rares indicates how many rare items are left. The board is reset as soon as all the rare items have been discovered.

Chances indicates your percentage chance to obtain a rare item.

Rare items are exclusive items that cannot be bought in the shop. Rare weapons are renowned for high firepower and rare armor is known for its robust protection. Rares cannot be upgraded with gems any further.

Click “Enter” to open the board of your choice.

Choose a board and click Enter.

Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions Image

The board info is visible on the right hand side. Spend either Coins or Tokens to turn over one of the tiles. You’re always guaranteed a reward! Coins can be earned in the Daily Mission system or purchased in the item shop. The process is explained at the very end of this tutorial.

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Now let’s try your luck!

Click on one of the tiles, indicated by stars and choose to pay with either Coins or Tokens.

Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions Image

Even if you didn’t find a rare item on your first attempt, you are always guaranteed a prize when you play Pick ‘N’ Win.

In our example, we won a “Medium Supply” item which provides backup ammo for Medium weapons. There is a whole variety of different items you can win in Pick ‘N’ Win. The tile that was uncovered is now gone from the board. The boards are shared by all players which means that everybody will see the same tile eliminated from the board.

Every pick is a win!

Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions Image

You can choose to uncover a tile with either Coins or Tokens. One pick will cost you either 1 Coin or 199 Tokens.

Check “Remember Choice” if you only plan on spending one currency type only.

Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions Image

It’s all about the bragging! When you find a rare item in the Pick ‘N’ Win, your name will be announced in the Brick-Force chat!

In our example, we found a heavy machine gun called T-Rex 42 which is the most powerful weapon of its category.

Found a rare item? The chat will automatically tell the others about it.

Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions Image

As you can see here, we got lucky. It didn’t take that many tries to find the rare item, indicated here with a golden star. Just try your luck like we did for this small tutorial!

Whenever all rare items have been found, the board is reset and a brand new set of tiles appears, to keep everyone’s chances even.

A golden star shows you where previously uncovered rare items were hidden. Once all Rares have been found, the board is reset.

Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions Image

Open your inventory after winning big in the Pick ‘N’ Win. The T-Rex 42 has found a new home, at least for 30 days. Look at those amazing stats!

Find your prizes from the Pick ’N’ Win in your inventory.

Pick ‘N’ Win and Daily Missions Image

Daily Missions are your key to the Coins needed for the Pick ‘N’ Win raffle. To take a look at your very own missions for the day, click on the exclamation mark symbol in the top left of your main screen. Click “Accept” to read your mission from King Kubrick I.

The missions are quite easy to understand and to accomplish. Once you’ve achieved at least one of the goals, the “Complete” button can be clicked. You will gain 100 Force Points as a reward for your efforts.

Complete all three missions to win a Coin for the Pick ‘N’ Win.

Warning! Aborting missions will NOT generate new missions instantly! Once you’ve aborted your missions, you need to wait until 12:01am of the next day until new ones are generated.

There are no time restrictions. You have as much time as you want to complete your mission, once accepted.

Accept and complete your daily missions to earn Force Points and Pick ‘N’ Win Coins.

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