Mission: Square

The Brick-People’s home world is doomed. Very soon, their life-giving, square sun will explode in a supernova. In order to evacuate the population, his Excellency, King Kubrick I, has given order to find suitable uninhabited worlds and prepare them for population. But there is something dodgy going on on one of the settlement planets. When one of the settler teams goes missing without a trace, a team of 5 is sent out to find out what happened.

Cooper, Private

A slightly naïve, rather careful young Brick-Soldier who is desperately in love with his superior, Cara. He will do anything for her and his blind love makes his deployment on Brick-World II even more dangerous.

Cara, Squad Leader

A tough and highly attractive army-Amazon who gives many of her male comrades weak knees. Cara is determined and brave- attributes which make her the perfect team leader.

Quaid, Sniper

A quiet and close-mouthed guy with excellent aiming skills. The cool exterior, however, is only façade: Quaid seems to have a serious problem with Cooper. One might wonder why…

Tanner, Negotiation Officer

This negotiation expert is a hopeless idealist who still believes that he could act as a broker between the fractions and solve the enmity this way. Why hopeless? Because not even his own squad team will take him seriously. His motto is: “Let’s sit down together talk about this first.”

Kord, Technician

The elite team’s technician is creative, highly motivated and surprisingly sensitive and empathetic for a robot. Much to his distress, his comrades don’t value his devotion and inventiveness, though.

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