• Vote for your favorite Western Weapon!

    Phase 2 of the contest begins!

    July 24, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Greetings Brick-Soldiers,

    We have the names of the four jury winners of our Design a Western Weapon contest! It is now up to you to choose the big winner who will have the privilege of seeing his weapon implemented in-game!

    Here are the three awesome winners of our weapon contest:


    Saddle your horses and get ready, Brick-Soldiers! Which one of these wonderful creations do you want to see perform in-game? To vote for your favorite weapon, visit our Facebook page. You have until Thursday, 7 August, at 18:00!



    To admire the other western weapons submitted, visit the Brick-Force forum.

  • Now that’s crazy!

    Crazy weapons in the shop

    July 23, 2014

    Teaser Image

    You may have heard of their power, or the Brickers who feared their presence.

    Prepare yourself for the return of these 5 unique and crazy weapons. Get to know them, straight out of the time machine, directly from the future:

    • Paradise Condor
    • Fun Launcher
    • Rainbow Hornet
    • Freedom Hydra
    • Radiant Beacon


    This crazy offer ends Thursday at 23:59!

  • Your Costume – Your Choice

    Vote for your favorite costume for 50% off!

    July 22, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Showing off and having a good time never hurt anyone, and that’s why there are so many costumes in Brick-Force!

    Give us YOUR opinion on your favorite costumes, every week! And the cherry on top: The elected costume will be available for 50% off in the shop for an entire week following the voting!

    Make your choice between the following five costumes:

    • Sorcerer Outfit
    • Mephisto Outfit
    • Clown Outfit


    Voting rules:

    • You can only vote for 1 costume every week!
    • The winning costume will be the one that receives the most votes on Facebook by 27 July 2014. It will then be available in the shop for 50% off the following week.


  • The Brick is not enough

    Save 50% on the Special Agent costume

    July 22, 2014

    Teaser Image

    “I never miss.”


    This top Special Agent is the winning costume for the “Your Costume - Your Choice” vote last week! That means it will be available for 50% off all this week.



    Never heard of this poll?  Here’s a link and further information:


    Website News              |     Facebook Page

  • TheForest by swiss_cat

    Smurf the whole day long!

    July 21, 2014

    Teaser Image

    In a quiet forest, there is a tiny village inhabited by Smurfs. The Smurfs had lived there peacefully and happily all thistime, singing and enjoying their lives within the enchanted forest. But now there stirs an evil within this grove:Thewizard Gargamel seeks to capture the tiny creatures. Using ancient spells from his tome, he has conjured a horde of zombies and unleashed them upon the village! Help the Smurfs overcome this fearsome enemy or destroy their defenses and help Gargamel seize his prize.

    TheForest by swiss_catis an amazing map recently submitted to one of our many map contests, but since its design is so wonderful, we felt it would be great to showcase this map as a Map of the Week. TheForest supports several modes and 

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge:Complete 7 matches in any mode of TheForest by swiss_catand earn yourself a 7 dayRed Dragon Staff!
    Ends: Sunday, 27 July, at 23:59

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