Aeropuerto by player-2

Lost in Time

May 12, 2015

Teaser Image

When the Brickes family went on their annual holiday to Spain, they didn’t expect to be travelling so far….in time! All they wanted to do is relax by a beach with their brick-feet in the soft sand, now they’re fighting for their lives in the sandy Wild West, in the wooden saloons of the Spanish aeropuerto. If only they hadn’t met The Brick-Doctor.

“Brick-Doctor who?” they asked. He didn’t reply, only waving them into his small Brick-box, and next thing they knew they were 200 years in the past. It doesn’t matter now, they have to escape an attack by native Indians, somewhere within the aeropuerto. That should give the Brick-Doctor enough time to clear his strange time-travelling box of sand, and get them out of here! This is one stressful holiday….

Play the map 6 times in a mode of your choice and earn yourself 3 Medium Elite Weapon Gems!

End: Sunday, 17 May 2015, 23:59 CEST

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