• Map of the Year 2013

    Award Presentation

    March 6, 2014

    Teaser Image

    It’s amazing how much effort and attention to detail went into the most outstanding maps designed by the top builders within the Brick-Force community.

    They truly deserved to be nominated for the Map of the Year 2013, and you had the opportunity to vote for your personal favorite and help choose the cream of the crop. Not only everlasting fame and glory await the winner, but also an incredible 1 Million Force Points!

    Without further ado, it is now time to announce which talented builder created the Map of the Year 2013.

    With a total of 302 votes across all languages, the winner is Desertstar by Clone117.


    Of course our thanks go out to all the map builders out there, who enrich Brick-Force daily with their fantastic creations. Keep it up – your hard work is what makes the game so great!


  • Guess the Brick: The Winner!

    Discover who won 1 MILLION Force Points!

    February 26, 2014

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    It is with the greatest pleasure to announce today that the Great Brick Prophet has spoken and the odds are crystal clear: we finally have our great Guess the Brick winner!

    Without further ado, let’s congratulate IcyTea, who shall soon receive an astonishing reward of ONE MILLION Force Points!

    Well done to him and to all the other winners who have already been contacted individually.

  • Producer Letter

    A big Brick-Sorry from the producer and a present

    February 11, 2014

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    Greetings Brick-Heroes,

    We’ve got a lot to cover this time! First things first: Last week we introduced the “Kick Vote”, a feature we thought would be useful to keep the game fair. It was intended to allow the community to democratically vote for players to be removed if they were suspected of cheating or misbehaving. However, players soon started to misuse the tool to gain an advantage. People in team matches would kick the best players of the opposing team, for instance.

    We realize things didn’t go as intended, so we have revoked the feature for the time being. We still think a kick vote would be useful and are currently reviewing the mechanics of the tool. It’ll be back after we’ve revised and thoroughly tested it.

    As an apology for your inconvenience, we’ll send you a special gift through our next newsletter and will run a 70% Token promotion tomorrow.

    Now on to some good news for our Brick-Warriors:

    Costume Buff Phase One

    Last week we started the first phase of our costumes buffs. We’ll slowly transform the costumes you know into something really special. We will add different buffs that not only increase your luck or FP gain, but in the next stage they will slowly increase the stats of your weapons, such as damage, accuracy, and rate of fire. The goal: You will be able to combine different costume parts to create the perfect Sniper outfit, a tank-y close combat Brick-Soldier, or a damage-dealing machine gun maniac.

    Login Reward Compensation

    We’re rewarding our high-level users who missed the first Season 3 login rewards. Every player at level 40 or above will be eligible for the following goodies: 10,000 FP, 100 health potions, and 5 XP potions!

    Premium Account Compensation

    Furthermore, to compensate for some item issues, we’re introducing our Premium Account Compensation: To reward our hard-playing folks, you’re getting a surprise item, plus we’re giving you another three months of premium at no additional cost!

    Both the Premium Account Compensation and our High-Level User Reward will be available starting on Friday.

    And lastly, this week is still Millionaire’s Week, where we are celebrating 1,000,000 maps with some great contests, giving every participant the chance to win millions of Force Points. And you don’t even need to play the lottery. Win big by participating in “Guess-The-Brick”, our map building contest, or by getting lucky in the Pick ’N’ Win.

    Good Luck and Happy Bricking!


  • Brick by Brick

    Episode 47 - Action Items

    January 25, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Have you seen Brick-by-Brick, the weekly video series with entertaining Brick-Force guides and previews?

    Sergeant Slab is back to bring you some information about the many different costumes in his latest video Action Items.

    Tune in and check out more action or watch the complete playlist to catch up on older episodes.


  • Happy New Year

    Reflect on the past and look to the future

    January 1, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Greetings, Brick-Forcers and welcome to 2014! Can you believe Brick-Force is nearly two years old (from closed beta)? Phew, time flies.

    2013 sure was a doozy for all of us here at Infernum, as well as for you, surely. Last year brought us the first anniversary of Brick-Force’s release, the Medieval Map Contest, and the huge update known as Season 3: Bricksaga, which changed Brick-Force as we knew it.

    That wasn’t all though, as the Brick-Agents fan program was launched and we released a brand new game mode last week in the form of FreeFall!

    We’ve kicked “pay-to-win” aside and look to a bright future for Brick-Force in 2014. A new season will be coming, which you will certainly hear about soon. We’re also working on a brand new costume upgrade system, which we’re very excited to tell you more about. Meanwhile, we’re open to suggestions on our forums.

    Thank you for sticking with us and being such an awesome community. And remember these three words in this New Year:


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