• US Brick-Force moves to Steam!

    Goodbye American servers, welcome Steam players!

    November 19, 2014

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    Hello Brick-Soldiers!

    We are very excited to announce that from tomorrow on, we will be able to offer our North American player community the opportunity to move to the Steam platform.

    As with any move, there are hard decisions to make and old places to say goodbye to, but also awesome things ahead! As a consequence of this moving process, the Brick-Force North-American server will be permanently unavailable after November 20th, 2014. This means Brick-Force will only be available on Steam in North-America.

    We are sure you are all boiling with questions about Brick-Force moving to Steam! That's why we will have all the information available in our Steam Launch FAQ (if you live in Europe, please have a look here instead!), starting tomorrow afternoon.


    In order to prepare for the move, please note that the US servers will be unavailable tomorrow morning from 8:00 AM CET, (2:00 AM EST), and will only be accessible via Steam from then on.


    Pack up your bricks, soldiers; we’re going on an adventure!

  • Clan Wars (Beta)

    A brand-new tournament system!

    October 31, 2014

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    Hello Brick-Soldier!

    Is your clan ready for action? I hope so! Make a huge boom with your square drum and resound your brick-cymbal – the Clan War feature is live!

    The new version of the Clan War system allows you to fight other groups with your friends in a PvP tournament!

    The ladder will be reset every two weeks and at the end, the six best teams will receive medals! And these medals are not just for the fame, no: They give you awesome buffs!

    Gold Medal:

    • +30% XP
    • +15% Respawn reduction
    • +13 Armor

    Silver Medal:

    • +30% XP
    • +10% Respawn reduction
    • +12 Armor

    Bronze Medal:

    • +30% XP
    • +5% Respawn reduction
    • +11 Armor

    These medals will belong to the winners for two full weeks, after which they will be transferred to the six new winning teams. Every battle cycle lasts two weeks. Even if these medals are not around your neck anymore, every medal you win will appear in your clan statistics for posterity (and fame)!

    This is a completely new system, a bit like a beta version, so we want to know how you like it. You can provide feedback directly to us on our official Brick-Force forum!

    Now, grab your rifle!

  • New Clan Wars

    A First Look

    October 10, 2014

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    Listen up, Brick-Clans!

    Something very different will be hitting the battlefields soon! Round up your clan and let the next generation of Clan Wars sweep you off your feet. Fight as a team in intense matches, collect valuable points for your clan, and get awesome rewards at the end of every cycle!

    First Details on the New Clan Wars:

    • Improved matchmaking
    • 2-week cycles with clan rankings
    • New clan point system with a fresh start each cycle
    • Completely new clan rewards
  • Cowboys & Bricks Part 2

    A New Mode & Additional Updates

    June 26, 2014

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    Howdy Brick-Soldiers,

    Part 2 of Season 4: Cowboys & Bricks is now live, bringing great new additions to the game. For example, you can now fight zombies using the web player. That’s right: zombies!

    But that’s not all! Here’s all you need to know about the new changes and updates.

    Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Many players requested a Zombie play mode in Brick-Force, and now it’s finally here!
    Depending on the number of players on the field, a small number of them will be randomly turned into zombies at the start of the match. They will then try to infect the living to increase the size of their team, while everyone else tries to annihilate all zombies. Learn more about the Zombie Mode on our official Brick-Force forums!

    New PnW Weapons/Costumes

    Starting now, you have the chance to get brand-new items from Pick ‘N’ Win! These include the Special Forces
    Costume and a bunch of new weapons.

    More Bricks

    You can now make use of a new function brick: The High Grass gives your map that authentic wild west feel, plus it can be used to hinder other players. Walking through High Grass reduces your movement speed – so watch out!

    Interface Improvements

    In addition to new icons, you’ll also find some useful tips in the toolbar which explain individual functions in detail.

    Two New Weapons in Season 1 and 2 Styles

    With the Black Bullpup and the Black Oblivion, you’ll be the star of every battle. And not only will your firepower be impressive – you’ll be super stylish as well!

    The complete patchnotes can be found on our official Brick-Force forums. Have fun and play nice with the zombies!

  • Season 4 is live!

    Cowboys & Bricks: Part 1 now available

    June 5, 2014

    Teaser Image


    The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived:

    Season 4: Cowboys & Bricks Part 1 is now live on the EU servers!
    US Servers will be patched on Friday, 06 June. 

    Find out everything there is to know about the new season.

    More Diversity
    “I’m called the Devil’s Right Hand”

    Become Bricktown’s new sheriff and impose law and order with your colt.

    Native American
    Disguise yourself as a Native American and go on the warpath.

    In your opinion, all the shiny gold in the bank vaults should be yours right? Go and get it then!

    There is no one cooler than our Muchacho. He still stay calms while bullets are flying in his direction.

    Stock up your arsenal with our new western themed weapons to use for intense duels. Rifles are best used for long range fights while Colts excel in close quarters or maybe you can just lay waste to your enemies by using a Gatling Gun.

    More Action

    Season 4 brings a whole new gameplay experience to Brick-Force. For the first time ever you will be able to crouch behind bricks and duck from enemy fire. Get up again and give them hell with your dual wielding colts!


    “Want a rifle? Never been used and only dropped once!”

    Your enemy uses a weapon you’ve always wanted to check out yourself? Just shoot them and grab their dropped weapon – as long as the new feature to drop weapons has been activated for your room. You’ll be able to use your enemy’s weapon just by picking it up until you die yourself.

    “Either you die a hero or become the villain yourself“

    Wanted is our new game mode in which one player becomes the Wanted and needs to be brought down in a good old fashioned western way. Kill this player for bonus points and become the Wanted yourself. But beware! The Wanted has powerful buffs that make them stronger than a usual player.

    More Bricks

    Season 4 brings several new bricks that will be very useful for building your very own Western Town. Make good use of the Cactuses, the Saloon Door, Wooden and Railroad Bricks and much more. The only limit is your imagination!

    More Rewards

    To properly celebrate Season 4: Cowboys & Bricks, you will receive 50% more Exp and 20% more FP from Thursday until Sunday, 11:59pm.

    In addition, you will have the chance to win cool prizes like Season 4 Items (1 day), Gems, Pick’N’Win Coins and supplies just by being online at the right time.

    Until Sunday 8th at 10:00pm, we will give out the prizes four times a day at random to players that happen to be online.

    More things to come

    With the following updates, we will complete Season 4 in the coming weeks and rest assured, we have some very special things up our sleeves.

    You can look forward to a return of the improved Webplayer, an additional new game mode, more character levels, interactive bricks and much more. Stay tuned!

    You will find the complete patchnotes in our forums and we would love to hear your feedback regarding the new season.

    Enjoy Season 4!

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