The Bees Have Arrived!

"Defense" update is now live, bringing new features.

September 20, 2012

Teaser Image

First announced back in June, the “Defense” update is now here, bringing a new game mode along with a host of new features and items, as well as a few exciting changes to the game.

Fresh recruits and Brick veterans alike will find a new challenge in fending off waves of bee monsters in Defense mode. A glimpse of this mode can be seen in the teaser below.

Ever since Build and Destroy went live with our official launch, the community has wanted the ability to build maps while simultaneously engaging in Team Deathmatch. With this new patch, you can now truly build and destroy at once!

On top of these, smart shooting is now rewarded thanks to the brand-new Daily Mission system. Each day, you can accept an achievement-style list of tasks that offer rewards upon completion.

Why not also try your luck with Pick ‘N’ Win, where points earned from daily missions – or Tokens – can be spent to unlock rare items or powerful gear?

Useful Defense Update links:

Have fun and enjoy the new update!

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