Brick-Force heads for space!

Cosmic update orbits server and will land soon

October 12, 2012

Teaser Image

Cosmic update orbits server and will land soon, delivering host of new features and content.

Get ready for an update of galactic proportions coming this month. The new season will take Brick-Force to an extra-terrestrial level, with adjustable gravity, futuristic outfits, space weapons and characters along with new interactive bricks.

Map builders will be over the moon thanks to the new creative possibilities this season. Adjustable gravity, space-worthy decorative bricks and interactive elements like launch pads will allow you to create sci-fi inspired maps like never before.

Fight futuristic battles on board elaborate space stations, or drift through space while grappling with various degrees of gravity. Utilize an array of new weapons, outfits and character skins in new maps that promise to be out of this world.

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