Brick-Force Season 2: Brickstar

Prepare for Liftoff!

November 1, 2012

Teaser Image

Brick-Force’s second season is about to blast us into outer space! The Brickstar update adds a whole dimension of new bricks, outfits, weapons and features.

Watch the Season 2 trailer to find out what happens when aliens, evil professors and robots partake in epic space battles with zero-gravity:

Toxic barrels that unleash their contents when shot, adjustable gravity bricks and jump pads await you when you log into Brick-Force today. Why not take part in the Brickstar challenge to win some epic space loot, or get started on your first space map?

Up to 50% more tokens on all payments!*

Offer: 30 Elite Equipment Gems & 40 Elite Weapon Gems (limited time only)

Just a few of the things you can invest your Tokens on:

  • 8 new Brickstar Weapons
  • 7 new costumes, including the Space suit and the Alien costume
  • Tickets for functional and creative bricks
  • More building slots (+ free up used map slots)

Prepare for liftoff!

*Excluding "Earn Tokens"

End: Sunday 4th November, 23:59 CEST | 11:59pm EDT

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