They are back in action!

February 21, 2017


Greetings Brick-Soldiers!


It took some time, but then we got a new application - a new application, worthy of the title 'Brick-Hero'. So we will continue our series on that from now on! 'Brick-Hero' is about you, the players! Once a month we will present one of you to the community, in form of a short bio. Because you are what makes Brick-Force special! So we want to put you in the spotlight!

This time our Hero is Badaboom5. He is a collector and very proud of his rare items. For a long time, the Thunder 47 was is favourite gun, since it was first one he ever purchased. Currently he like the Burning Hurricane most, because of her allround playability. This is why our current sale is presenting here with a 25% discount on her regular price.

In his cute monkey-costume, he tends to steal the show in any match he is participating, but usually you don't have a lot of time enjoying his looks, cause he is also a skillfull player. He enjoys playing Brick-Force on maps he and his friends created. You can find a full interview (in german) in the official Brick-Force Forum.


You want to be the next Brick-Hero? Then apply in the Forum! Write to our Community Moderator Clone117 and use the subject 'Brick-Helden'. Send us some good reasons why you should be the next Brick-Hero!

See you next time!

Best regards,

Your Brick-Force Community Team

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