Bring color to your life

Let your enemies see stars

November 23, 2012

Teaser Image

With today’s patch we’ll experience another optical change: Brick-Force’s combat will become more colorful.

We were inspired by paintball markers and toy guns and so we sent out our elite Brick-Troops, equipped with spray cans, to bring some color to your weapons.

The changes in detail:

  • Bullet holes are now colored, depending on the surface they hit. Now you can recognize how often you actually have missed your target more noticeably.
  • The muzzles received some color changes, as well (i.e. Pistols now have a green muzzle while submachine guns have a red one).
  • In addition we have changed the muzzle flash, which used to be the same for each gun, to make them more individual. Rifles now have a Brickstar star effect while pistols’ muzzles feature bubbles.
  • Weapons in Brick-Force will now be more distinguished. On the battlefield you will now be able to identify firearms by their colors. 


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