“Siege” by BianSeLong (EU)

Achieve 20 kills and get a 5-star weapon

September 6, 2012

Teaser Image

The battle is on in this week’s Map “Siege”, brought to you by BianSeLong.

The setting here sees a castle surrounded by a moat, with one team spawning within the structure and the other team spawning outside, taking on the role of invaders.

Although snipers have the high ground from the castle towers, they are in plain view for the opposing team. Those who manage to survive the castle’s defenders and make their way within will be able to pick of their foes from close-range.

The first 200 players on the European server who manage to achieve 20 kills on this map by next week will receive a 1-day rental of the Typhoon 8, a 5-star weapon, for their efforts in storming the castle.

As always, enjoy this map and let us know what you thought over on the forums.

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