“Techture” by Racoura

Home of snipers

December 11, 2012

Teaser Image

Techture by Racoura features a wide area which seems like a perfect fit for all you guys who like to put their sniper rifles to good use. So don’t forget to bring the proper weapons to this firefight. For players who prefer assault rifles: don’t fret! The trees in the yard offer more than enough cover to sneak up on the enemy snipers and surprise them with a K.O. from behind. Should your firepower not suffice, just go ahead and use one of the 4 strategically planted turrets.

This map’s special treat is the spaceship which you can only enter by doing a small jump & run stunt. It does not only provide you with cover but also with a great overview over the battlefield.

Grab yourself some friends and win 10 matches in Team Deathmatch to pass the challenge.

The rewards for this week’s challenge are 10 potions that provide 50 health points for your action panel. 

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