“Sky Island” by theMo97

Aerial goodness in this sniper centric map

February 20, 2013

Teaser Image

In 2012 "The Aether" from 9hostliner shot to fame, renowned for its floating islands and its sniper heavy gameplay. More recently, we’ve enjoyed being up in the clouds with "Sky Island", another floating island style map that’s been grabbing our attention with it’s array of linked buildings and platforms.

The gameplay style also favours snipers, but you may also find yourself pulling off some great shots close range if you’re able to dodge bullets from those shooting from afar.

Claim one of the lesser known grenades this week if you get at least 50 „assists“ on Sky Island. Help to down 50 of your foes in Team Deathmatch to get a 7-day version of the Solar Flare, an awesome flashbang that can be used to confuse your opponents.

Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, brick soldier!

Update: The end date for this Map of the Week challenge is Wednesday 27th February.

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