CityOneX by Talas38

December 3, 2012

Teaser Image

The name says it all. CityOneX which was created by Talas38 gives you everything you expect in a modern City. Basketball and football fields, a hospital and a park, even a mosque can be visited. A helicopter hovering above the city offers an even better view of parking lots, bus stops, a café and a movie theater. Of course, any good city needs some skyscrapers die spice up the scenery.

An amazing 25,000 bricks were used up in the creation of this impressive work of art.

However, the map won’t only appeal to you visually but also with regards to the balanced gameplay. In this urban environment, you can take advantage of both: the high reach of a sniper rifle as well as the force of assault rifles and grenades to enter buildings and pick snipers off their high walls.

Grab yourself some friends and win 10 matches in Team Deathmatch to pass the challenge.

The rewards for this week’s challenge are 10 potions that provide 50 health points for your action panel. 

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