Colony by SiNNiR

Gameplay variety with toxic barrels and booster bricks

November 5, 2012

Teaser Image

Our first space themed map, selected as part of the Brickstar Challenge, is Colony by SiNNiR. Featuring a spaceship that can only be accessed by jumping up into the sky via a string of booster bricks, Colony features plenty of gameplay variety. Toxic barrels are featured along with smartly positioned turrets.

SiNNiR has taken great care to ensure that both Red and Blue teams have a fair playing field for the TDM, Defusion and Capture the Flag modes. We hope that you’ll enjoy testing out some of the new space features on one of the best space maps to emerge so far.

Get ready for a ton of space fun this week, when you take part in this week’s Challenge. Grab a team of friends and win 10 games of Team Deathmatch to complete the challenge. Man those Turrets, bounce around the atmosphere and watch out for those Toxic Barrels!

The reward for completing this week’s challenge is exactly 10 Potions of 50 HP for your action panel. Prizes will be sent out on Monday 12th November.


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