Comic Episode 12

The Grand Finale

October 25, 2012

Teaser Image

It seems like there’s no stopping the avalanche of problems our bricky heroes keep running into. When we left them in the last episode, they were standing face to face with the evil General Zapota who didn’t look like he was planning on inviting them over for tea.

Poor Cooper had just about gained Cara’s trust and was sent out as the team’s only hope. But alas! Zapota’s minions got there before him and he failed his mission- by no fault of his own, we might add!

Is this the end of our five heroes? Will General Zapota reign over New-Brick? Are there any Bees involved? And will Cooper finally win over the heart of his tough superior Cara??

Find out about all of this and more in the grand finale of our Brick-Force comic.

Missed the previous episodes? No problem, you can read them right here.

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