Coming Soon to Brick-Force

New Innovations Coming To Brick-Force!

June 4, 2012

User Interface

A new graphical user interface for Brick-Force has been designed by our team in Berlin and is almost ready to be implemented. Our aim is to simplify Brick-Force’s menus, helping with accessibility and user-friendliness. Click on the concept screenshots to see what we have in store.

New Bricks

Stacks of new bricks are planned for the future. Look forward to different styles, more destructible objects and later this year even special “themed” bricks, such as Sci-Fi or Wild West.

New Game Mode: Build and Destroy

Wish you could build and blast at the same time? Currently in development, the build and destroy mode will incorporate elements of both sandbox and shooter in one action-packed package.

New Game Mode: Defense Mode

Originally known as the Bomber Bee Mode and then later as Wave Mode, this cooperative experience has evolved during development. Now with an increased focus on co-op, we look forward to bringing you Defense Mode in the near future.

New Costumes


More character customization is planned. Expect new costumes and more ways to personalize your character.


New Weapons

You’ve tweeted and posted so many cool ideas for new weapons and we’ve also brainstormed some cool concepts too! We’ve been talking about rail guns, RPGs, rocket launchers and even a banana gun! We can’t confirm anything yet, but one thing is for sure: new weapons are in development!?

Achievements System

Achievements are coming to Brick-Force! Are you ready for a fully-fledged achievement system?

Interactive Bricks

Okay, we’re talking more than just doors and ladders. We’re talking exploding bricks, traps and other crazy functions.

New Skyboxes

The sky’s the limit! New themes are on the horizon.

New function: Invite players to a game

Yep! That’s right… ever been in the middle of an intense shooter session and wanted to bring your best pal into the action to lend you a hand? This feature is in development.

Improved Map Management

Already filled all three map slots? Fear not, we’re planning to increase the number that can be acquired along with a few additional features which should make life easier for map builders.


New attributes / Item stats

We told you new items are coming, but what about stats? In the future, we’re going to introduce new functionalities and attributes to various items.

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