ESL Week Four Rankings

The Winter 2012 Season is in full-swing

December 12, 2012

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The ESL have published the fourth week's EU results from Brick-Force! Over 260 of you have participated in over 1,000 matches on the ESL.

The Top 3 teams of each game mode at the end of VERSUS Winter Season 2012 will earn a combined 400 Euros prize money! Currently the 4v4 Build and Destroy league is wide open for contenders. Why not get your team involved?

Congratulations to our most active users from the fourth week: Sayuri (98 matches), xkn0w (84 matches), q3dfr (72 matches).

Are you looking for a team or want to organise a match? Use the official VERSUS forum to get started! Want to know how to start a match? Click here to watch our tutorial video.


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