"Hokkaido" by Kurosaki23

Japanorama in this week’s Map of the Week

October 15, 2012

Teaser Image

Inspired by a trip to Hokkaido, a beautiful northern Japanese island, this week's map was created with plenty of passion by Singaporean builder Kurosaki23.

Featuring blue and red demon statues, a large Japanese style house, water fountains and snow covered terrain, this map is full of individuality.

This is the twelfth map that builder Lzythe has created, and definitely the most unique. Why not let us know what you think, over on the forums?

Red team, your mission is to infiltrate the hot springs and plant the bomb! Blue team, you may be tempted to take a bath in the hot springs and relax in the warm water, but your priority should be to protect an ancient Japanese relic from destruction!

Win 10 games of Defusion on “Hokkaido“ this week for a chance to win Warpies x 20 for your action panel to help you outrun your opponents.

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