Map of the Month - Februrary

Spring spreads its Wings...

March 15, 2017

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Greetings dear Brick-Soldiers!


The sky is blue, flowers start to bloom and Washburne nose is running, his eyes swollen. What a fun time for allergies! Regardless, we have some awesome maps prepared for you! Here are your Maps of the Month February!

3. Place: Tarkov by Felix31

You miss the winter? You'll find it here! Cold, full of details and very industrial. Just the right thing for a last wintery feeling!

Reward: 2.500 Token, Weapon of Choice

2.Place: Laguna by Zaun

Ready for your first vacation of the year? Tropical places, magical experience and romantic nights in the jungle. And, of course, lots of brick-fighting!

Reward: 5.000 Token, Weapon of Choice

1. Place: Hoover by Daniel2911

Impressive in real life, impressive ingame. Not for players with cases of vertigo.

1. Place: 10.000 Token, Weapon of Choice, Forumtitle (will be delivered later)

And that's it for February, Brick-Soldiers! Winners please contact Clone117 regarding their weapon of choice. Of course, we had a lot of great entries this month as well, but there can only be three winners in the end.

Please note: Every player can only take part with one map per month. If you send in more than one map, only your last entry will be considered.

All valid entries:

MkW - MysticTeam

MS Brick - Badaboom5

Semiasis - RojAI

Babel - Nilezz

Metro - howard234

Ferienhaus - Typron

That’s all the winners for February, Brick-soldiers! Make sure to get working on your March-map for a chance to win prizes next time! Remember this is our criteria we use to judge maps:

        Balance: Is the map balanced? Does every team have a chance to win?
        Visuals: Is there a theme, and how was it incorporated into the map?
        Complexity: How intricate and how much effort was put into making the map?
        Special features: Is there anything unique that affects and adds to the gameplay?

Congratulations to the winners and good luck for this month!

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