Map of the Month - July

The Winners have been chosen!

August 4, 2016

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It's Time for summer and vacations! Still there were some very nice entries to our monthly map contest, sent in only by the most dedicated builders of this great community.  Here we go with our three winners!


1st Place - Lagoon by lisi25

Our first place invites you to a most fantastic vacation! And what spot is more destined for a great vacation then a mansion. At a beach. In a tropical lagoon. Well, at least anywhere without cavedwellers...

A well earned first places goes to Lagoon by lisi25

Reward: A weapon of choise, 10.000 Tokens, Titel "Builder of the Month"


2nd Place - Multiworld by byZoom

Our second travel-destination is a very special place: a singularity. For people that dont fancy holidays at the beach, we now offer time-travel. If that does not make for a very unique vacation!

Second place goes to byZoom - congratulations!

Reward: Weapon of Choise, 5.000 Tokens


3rd Place - SummerPark by Frezzy013

How about a trip to the park? Relaxing at the pool, swimming in the ocean, a fun game of volley- or basketball, the map offers it all. This is the perfect place to enjoy your summer.

So a solid third places goes to Frezzy013.

Reward: Weapon of Choice


That were the winners of July, Brick-Soldiers! Of course we recieved a lot of maps of superior quality, but they can not all win. So for several different reasons, here are our honorable mentions, close to the win, but just not the winners:

Skydom by climber717

SeaMute by RoJAI

Fabri(c)k by FireFlareZ

DiggyTwon by LipLup

We are aware that there were some maps of very high quality, that did not make it Top3. That is not always a sign of bad craftmansship, but for example themes that are repeated every month. We hope to achieve a great diversity in our maps, so a player that sends a similar map every month with only slight alterations cant expect to make it Top3 more then once.

That’s all the winners for March Brick-soldiers! Make sure to get working on your June map for a chance to win prizes next time! Remember this is our criteria we use to judge maps:

  • Balance: Is the map balanced? Does every team have a chance to win?
  • Visuals: Is there a theme, and how was it incorporated into the map?
  • Complexity: How intricate and how much effort was put into making the map?
  • Special features: Is there anything unique that affects and adds to the gameplay?


Congratulations to the winners and good luck for this month!

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