Map of the Month - June

Better late then never: The Winners

July 19, 2016

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Map of the Month - June



For the month of June we got a lot of entries. But as usualy, only 3 could be the best. So here are our proud winners:

1. Place: Crimson by Kagome0615

First Place goes to "Crimson", a factory plant of the special kind. Build by Mr. Box and the Red Alliance, it's main purpose is to produce ressources and energies from the underworld. A risky game that provokes Mr. Elec and the Blue Alliance.


Prize won: Weapon of choice, 10,000 Tokens, Title “Builder of the Month”


2. Place JungleStar by Clone117

Well earned, the second Place goes to JungleStar. A jungle, big animals and a factory, seemingly lost in time, more is not known about that map. It's on you to dicover it's deeper secrets.

Prize won: Weapon of choice, 5000 Tokens

3. Place: Shelter by climber717



Airships and a battle for a lovely damsel in distress, all this and more you will find in  Shelter. Is the damsel a lady or a witch? Are you trying to safe her, or bring her to justice? Not an easy task for you.


Prize won: Weapon of choice


That’s all the winners for March Brick-soldiers! Make sure to get working on your June map for a chance to win prizes next time! Remember this is our criteria we use to judge maps:

  • Balance: Is the map balanced? Does every team have a chance to win?
  • Visuals: Is there a theme, and how was it incorporated into the map?
  • Complexity: How intricate and how much effort was put into making the map?
  • Special features: Is there anything unique that affects and adds to the gameplay?


Congratulations to the winners and good luck for this month!

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