• TheForest by swiss_cat

    Smurf the whole day long!

    July 21, 2014

    Teaser Image

    In a quiet forest, there is a tiny village inhabited by Smurfs. The Smurfs had lived there peacefully and happily all thistime, singing and enjoying their lives within the enchanted forest. But now there stirs an evil within this grove:Thewizard Gargamel seeks to capture the tiny creatures. Using ancient spells from his tome, he has conjured a horde of zombies and unleashed them upon the village! Help the Smurfs overcome this fearsome enemy or destroy their defenses and help Gargamel seize his prize.

    TheForest by swiss_catis an amazing map recently submitted to one of our many map contests, but since its design is so wonderful, we felt it would be great to showcase this map as a Map of the Week. TheForest supports several modes and 

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge:Complete 7 matches in any mode of TheForest by swiss_catand earn yourself a 7 dayRed Dragon Staff!
    Ends: Sunday, 27 July, at 23:59

  • "Mordul" by mobbele

    Orcs are attacking!!!

    July 14, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Orcs have seized control of the dwarven fortress of Mordul! There is little time to stop them, already they have forced the surviving forces from their sacred shrine and are pillaging the remains of Mordul’s halls. Take up arms against these fearsome creatures or become one yourself and join their ranks! The battle wages on within Mordul, there is little time left!

    Mordul by mobbele is an outstanding map with a unique cave-style castle that gives you the feeling you are in the Lord of the Rings novels. The map supports several game modes and plays great. Be sure to check out Mordul by mobbele today!

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge:   Complete 55 KO’s in any mode of Mordul by mobbele and earn you a stack of Health Packs!
    End: Sunday, 20th July, 11:59

  • “Aztecas” by RCP

    The lost city!

    July 8, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Recently our experts have uncovered a lost city built by the Aztecs. The city was thought to have been destroyed by a Mayan curse, but until now the city was just a legend. A group of geologists have set up camp to explore the newly found ruins, but it appears that a group of pirates also have their eyes set on the site of the Aztec temples. Prevent the marauders from stealing the secrets of the temple treasures or join up with them to fill your pockets with riches beyond imagination.

    Aztecas by RCP has many hidden passages and secrets for you to explore. The map supports several game modes and is very well balanced for a verity of different weapons.Together with his many friends, RCP has created this wonderful map for us to enjoy. Be sure to check out Aztecas by RCP today!

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge: Complete 10 matches in any mode of Aztecas by RCP and earn yourself a 7 day Witch Doctor Mask!
    End: Sunday, 13th July, 11:59

  • ”Desperanos” by prodaiter

    Someone save us!

    June 30, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Bandits have raided the town of Brickston, and the townspeople have locked themselves in their homes. The gang has grown in number, and they already hit several other towns on their way to Brickston. Now only the sheriff and his men stand between the townspeople and their impending doom. Take up arms against these desperados or fight alongside of them. The fate of Brickston is in your hands.

    Desperanos by prodaiter is a wonderful map created with the new Season 4 theme! This small-town-style map features several houses, buildings, and other objects to find cover in for an epic battle that you will be sure to enjoy. The map supports several game modes and endless fun.Check out Desperanos by prodaiter today!

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge: Complete 75 K.O.s in any mode of Desperanos by prodaiter and earn yourself a 7 day Black Powder Bomb!
    End: Sunday, 6th July, 11:59

  • NaturePark by Maurus

    Summertime ParkWar!

    June 23, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Life is good when you are enjoying time at the local NaturePark. That is, until you see a team of enemy players running directly at you! Take cover in the brush or come out of the water Rambo-style via portal in this epic map.

    With all the western maps that have made Map of the Week lately, NaturePark by Maurus was a nice way to change things up. This wonderful map showcases a lovely little park with a fountain and awooded area.It’s just waiting for you to run through and cover it in paintballs. The overall design of this map is very creative and features several game modes.Be sure to check out NaturePark by Maurus today!

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge: Complete 6 matches in any mode of NaturePark by Maurus and earn yourself a 7 day Launcher Crossbow!
    End: Sunday, 29th June, 11:59

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