• "One Night" by klikk13

    Dance the night away

    April 7, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Two teams have their mind set on attending the Dance Club, yet the club “One Night” just isn’t big enough for both. Will your team be the one to party all night, or will you be stuck on the outside looking in? Get down and boogie to the sounds of gunfire! One Night by klikk13 will give you some great rewards as well as dance fever.

    This map supports several game modes and plays great! The smaller scale of this map makes getting points very easy and loads of fun with its unique design.

    Obtain 70 kills in any match on One Night by klikk13 and receive a 7 day Locust 5.

  • "Mongania" by Forcy97

    Isle of Paradise

    March 31, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Forcy97 has created an amazing island paradise… that is about to get covered in paintballs! Explore the island of Mongania and its vast amount of hidden passages, mountainous rock formations, and breathtaking visuals. This map features some wonderful views and fair play that you will enjoy for hours.

    Mongania features several game modes, a great landscape, and smooth gameplay. Be sure to download and try out this map today! While you are at it, be sure to complete the Map Challenge.

    Obtain 55 kills in any game mode of Mongania by Forcy97 and receive a 7-day Mephisto’s Gun.

    We would like to do something different for next week’s selected map. For the first time ever, you can submit your favorite map for consideration for Map of the Week. Check out the Map Submissions Forum Thread  with all the details!




  • "Western" by Napoleon42


    March 24, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Howdy, partner! We have a great map to showcase this week with “Western” by Napoleon42. This gun-slinging map has more twists and turns then a snake in your boot, as you are taken to the Wild West. No reason to wait for high noon for a shootout because Western is packed with action all the time.

    Napoleon42 has recreated a small town based on the old western times. This map supports several game modes and looks as great as it plays. Don’t wait till the cows come home to try Western by Napoleon42 – download and play it today! 

    Complete 10 matches in any mode of Western by Napoleon42 and earn yourself an FP Booster!

  • "BeeFactory" by XoloLoozo

    Rise of the villainous doctor

    March 17, 2014

    Teaser Image

    A sinister doctor has plotted to take over the Brick-World with the production of Bomber Bees! Will you foil his evil plot to conquer the brick-land and save us from impending doom? Or if you are particularly nefarious, join sides with the villainous doctor and create a fearsome army of Bomber Bees.

    BeeFactory by XoloLoozo is a detailed map with features that you might find in a Bomber Bee Factory. XoloLoozo has put a great deal of effort into the layout of the factory, keeping to the smallest detail of a lobby entrance to the factory floor. Don’t “bee” caught with your guard down, and bee all that you can bee in the BeeFactory.  

    Complete 12 matches of any game mode and receive a 7-day Matiazo Shotgun.

  • "The Source" by Benjodie

    The power of playing

    March 10, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Have you ever wondered what powers all those lights used in your Deco menu? This was something we wondered as well so we did some digging and found The Source of the power. It appears that a map by Benjodie provides a large amount of power to help us light our maps. This multi-leveled power plant not only helps to provide power for all those fun bricks we use, but it also makes for a great battlefield! Help fight to control the power.

    The Source is a wonderfully designed map and features several game modes. The power is at your fingertips – you are in control of the kill-switch!

    Obtain 35 kills in any match of The Source by Benjodie and receive a 7 day Moongun.

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