• Tsingtao by Monster878

    Enter the Brick-Dragon

    September 7, 2014

    Teaser Image

    There was once an emperor who built a temple to gain the favor of his gods so that they would protect the citizens of the city of Tsingtao. The temple constructed was also very profitable to the emperor, and he quickly filled his pockets with the donations made. He claimed that the money was to ensure their city is protected by the gods. Learning that their donations were being kept by the Emperor, the citizens have started to revolt. Angry crowds are at the gates to the temple shrine. There is little time left to bring balance to Tsingtao and restore the peace. 

    Tsingtao by Monster878 is beyond epic! The detail and beauty of this map is something to wonder at alone, but don’t find yourself lost in its amazing design – there are enemies near. Monster878 is one of Brick-Force’s many great builders who always designs something spectacular. 

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge: Complete 7 matches in any mode of Tsingtao by Monster878 and earn a 7 day Universal Remote!
    End: Sunday, 14 September, 11:59

  • EgyptCity by mobbele

    Rise of the Tyrant

    September 1, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Long ago lived a pharaoh filled with hate, greed, and vengeance. This evil pharaoh tortured many and filled his subjects with fear, until one day a kind-hearted decedent of the line of kings arose to free the people of the city. With the support of others, he was able to overthrow the evil pharaoh and seal him within a tomb, never to be opened for fear of what evil lay within. For many years the tomb lay untouched, almost forgotten, until one day some grave robbers broke the sealed tomb. Evil was once again unleashed upon the city, and now it’s up to you: Will you stop the evil pharaoh or join his side? The choice is yours!  

    EgyptCity by mobbele is an amazing recreation of a city you might have found in ancient Egypt. The map is superb to play on and looks amazing. This map supports several game modes and is a very fun place to spend some time with friends.

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge: Complete 9 matches in any mode of EgyptCity by mobbele and earn a 7 day King's Scepter!
    Ends: Sunday, 1 September, at 11:59

  • “Ractory” by ReVeNzZ

    Factory Shutdown!

    August 25, 2014

    Teaser Image

    The Ractory was once the largest factory in all of the Brick-World, but this also brings high labor costs. Due to several reasons, the factory had to close its doors and shut down production. Over time this massive building started to show signs of age: Walls cracked, flora grew wildly, yet its main structure still remains. This presented a wonderful opportunity to bring life back into the facility, so we packed up our favorite guns, unloaded crates of ammo, and are all ready to splatter the walls with paintballs!

    This massive map created by ReVeNzZ is a work of art in itself. The detail and layout of this map is amazing. Ractory supports several game modes and is very fun to play if you enjoy larger maps. Be sure to check out Ractory by ReVeNzZ today!

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge: Complete 6 matches of Ractory by ReVeNzZ to earn a 7 day Toy Hammer.
    End: Sunday, 31 August, 11:59

  • ”KeksTal” by Badkenny

    The Final Hours

    August 18, 2014

    Teaser Image

    For several generations the valley of Kekses has been guarded by its holy protectors. The valley remained peaceful and quiet, till one day darkness filled the sky to the north. A band of raiders seeking to take the treasure of the temple gather outside the forest. Stand with the guards or pillage with the group of raiders – the choice is yours alone.

    KeksTal by Badkenny is an outstanding map filled with a wonderful visual landscape. Badkenny has put in a lot of details and effort into the creation of this masterpiece, supporting many game modes and countless hours of fun. Check out KeksTal today!

    Map Challenge: Complete 12 matches of any game mode in KeksTal by Badkenny and receive a 7-day Matiazo Shotgun.
    End: Sunday, 24 August, 11:59”KeksTal” by Badkenny

  • ”StationMix” by Kuehne99

    Wrong way on a one way track!

    August 11, 2014

    Teaser Image

    Throughout the ages, train travel has always been a wonderful source of transportation. Kuehne99 has done a wonderful job in capturing the past, present, and future of this means of travel. This wonderful map not only shows the power of the locomotive, its station, and what might be found in the future of the rail system, it is an excellent map to enjoy with friends. Grab your ticket and head on over to the Station, don’t be late or you may miss your train.

    Kuehne99 has put a great deal of work into this map, with the help of many of his friends he is pleased to present it to us. StationMix supports several game modes and will make you want to yell out “ALL ABORD!” as you ready for battle. CHOO CHOO!

    Prepare yourself for the skill challenge:   Complete 10 matches in any mode of StationMix by Kuehne99 and earn yourself a 7 Delta!
    End: Sunday, 17th August, 11:59 CEST

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