• Epixios by Monster878

    A King’s Task

    July 14, 2015

    Teaser Image

    The Epixios cathedral stands as one of the great wonders of the Brick-World. It was said to be built thousands of years ago, by an extremely rich king. As a very religious man, he wanted to dedicate his life to serving his people, and his god. With that mission, he gathered up the best architects and engineers his kingdom could offer, as well as experts from other countries far away. Using their joint intellect, they designed the greatest complex they could imagine.

    The result took nearly 100 years to complete. The king lived long enough to see the main cathedral reach up into the sky, and the flowing blue water bringing green life to the gardens surrounding it. The space underneath was then turned into a tomb fit for a king, and he and his family are now buried there. His grandson oversaw the completion of the surrounding towers and temples, and finally the project was complete.

    Epixios was done, and it has survived the sands of time to stand here in modern times, and will likely stand for thousands of years longer.

    Play 5 Matches in a mode of your choice on Epixios by Monster878 and earn yourself a Fancy Justice (7 days)!

    End: Sunday, 19 July 2015, 23:59 CEST

  • Die Totale by sexy-tot

    The floating city

    July 9, 2015

    Teaser Image

    Somewhere in the mists of the largest brick-ocean in Brickworld, lies an entirely new city built from scratch, which is unlike any other - this city floats. It’s called ‘Die Totale’, which is german for All-In-One. The german creator had learnt that boats and ships sailing this ocean often had terrible damage from storms, and no crew ever wanted to make the journey unless they had to. So he set out to tame that ocean!

    He built a harbour smack dab in the middle for the biggest ships to load and unload their cargo, to get repairs. It also provided support from helicopters and seaplanes to reach out even further across the sea, and a small town for people to live there, as well as travellers to rest and have a nice break from their tough voyage. Sailors say that as long as they follow the bright light emitted from All-In-One’s hi-tech watchtower, they’ll make it across the ocean trouble-free.

    Win 3 Matches in a mode of your choice on Die Totale by sexy-tot and earn yourself 2000 Force Points!

    End: Tuesday, 14 July 2015, 23:59 CEST

  • Rockscape by apple2018

    A dangerous Journey

    June 17, 2015

    Teaser Image

    Once upon a time, there lived a small group of Brick people in a nameless valley. It was quite picturesque: A little river flowed through flower meadows, which were regularly flooded during autumn time; there was an abundance of everything, and the weather was always beautiful. But this paradisiac environment came at a high price. Every few decades, heavy earthquakes threatened the land. One after the next, the people left the valley until only very few were left.

    When a particularly heavy earthquake had destroyed almost everything around them, the remaining inhabitants saw no other way but to leave their beloved home. They decided to venture alongside the few rocks that were left and to climb a steep hill, whose top was said to harbour a mysterious portal placed there eons ago by the gods. None, who had gone through ever returned, so it was shrouded in legend. But the brick people saw no other way and got ready to take the dangerous path up to the top. In order to honour their audacious mission, they named the remaining pieces of the valley “Rockscape”.

    Play 5 Matches in Escape Mode on Rockscape by apple2018 and earn yourself a Fancy Lone Star (7 days)!

    End: Sunday, 21 June 2015, 23:59 CEST

  • SuwaCastle by EU-Maps

    The Golden Fortress

    June 10, 2015

    Teaser Image

    The Suwa Castle is one of the great Wonders of the Brick-World. For over 10,000 years it has stood in the same spot, and visitors come from all over to visit its splendour. Built from many precious materials such as gold, platinum and diamond, it also retains incredible strength from advanced building techniques that are a mystery to us today.

    The interior has been updated for modern times and now contains many features which will enhance a visitor’s stay! Not only will they come to see the beautiful golden patterns of the brick used in the walls and towers, but also now you can enjoy yourself on the inside! Thanks to its indestructible nature, it makes the perfect arena for a battle!

    So don’t stand around admiring the architecture, grab a weapon and let loose!

    Play 5 matches in a mode of your choice on SuwaCastle by EU-Maps and earn yourself 20x 100 Point HP Potion!

    End: Tuesday, 16th June 2015, 23:59 CEST

  • Treetopia2 by sagsCro

    Get Lost

    June 4, 2015

    Teaser Image

    Once there was an island that was turned into a jungle paradise for all to enjoy. It was called ‘Treetopia’, thanks to the exceedingly tall trees that were native to only this island. People came from all over Brick-World to visit and enjoy the exclusive nature, even from above in a hot air balloon.

    Unfortunately, some tourists have been going missing on the island. At first it was just a few, and the owners decided to keep it under wraps. But now entire families who venture into the jungle never return from among those tall trees. Teams of specialists have been sent in after them, and have reported that strange holes have appeared in the ground, and evidence shows that this is where the poor guests have been disappearing to.

    Now it’s your turn to go to the island! Enjoy yourself, but just watch out where you stand, or you may not come back at all….

    Win 5 matches in a mode of your choice on Treetopia by sagsCro and earn yourself a Jungle Scarab (fully upgraded) (7 days)!

    End: Tuesday, 9th June 2015, 23:59 CEST

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