Map of the Week

Fantasy sniper map ‘The Aether’ from 9hostliner

May 30, 2012

Teaser Image

Find yourself suspended in midair on a fantasy island in this week’s featured map: ‘The Aether’ from 9hostliner.

This Sniper centric creation combines four islands that players must either climb or descend. Teams start either at the highest point or the lowest point, and must weave their way carefully around the trees and foliage, avoiding snipers from the opposing team.


Due to design of the map and its large size, sniper rifles are strongly favored and other weapons aren’t recommended.

‘The Aether’ is challenging strategically and contains lots of hiding spots; perfect for those who want to train their sniping skills. It’s also appealing visually and the mid-air islands almost remind you of those in James Cameron’s Sci-Fi epic, Avatar!

We hope you have fun playing this week’s pick of the week.

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