Map of the Week

“Kitty” by IceCream (US)

August 16, 2012

Teaser Image

This week we decided to showcase something a little bit different from our usual Map of the Week. We bring you the impressively nerdy and eye-poppingly colorful map "Kitty" by IceCream.

Trying to describe all the contents of the map would be a futile task. All we can say is – you will definitely find something you like. Are you into Street Fighter? Got you covered. Mario? Check. Space Invaders chasing Pikachu and Ash? Naturally. Link and the Triforce? Yes please! Did we miss something? You wouldn’t believe HOW MUCH!

Oh, and did we mention this map is playable in most game modes? We dare you to try and play a round, without getting repeatedly KOed while looking around with your jaw on the floor.

Have fun, wear glasses and tell us what you think on the forum.

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