Map of the Week

"Stadium" by Vision (US)

August 30, 2012

Teaser Image

It’s time for the big game! Vision provides the arena with the map “Stadium.”

The name is self-explanatory: in the center of the map is an open-roof stadium complete with a soccer pitch surrounded by rows of seating. Outside of the stadium, players will find a parking lot, a food court, and an administrative building.

This map is highly varied and no matter what style of play, an appropriate setting is provided. Short-range, close-quarters combat can be waged within the various buildings and snipers will feel right at home high atop the roofs.

Map of the Week Challenge

Starting today we are adding challenges to each Map of the Week. This week, every player who achieves 20 Kills on this map will receive a 1-day Hornet 96, a 5 Star light weapon (US Only).

Enjoy this Map of the Week and let us know what you thought of it on the forums

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