Map of the Week: “Destroyer” by ArmyDog (US)

Win a mystery prize in this week’s glow stick challenge!

September 13, 2012

Teaser Image

This week’s map showcase features the impressive “Destroyer” from ArmyDog.

This could well be the ultimate battlefield for Star Wars fans. Whether you’re a Rebel or an Imperialist, a Jedi or a Sith, we think you will enjoy doing battle in this space setting.

Most of the fighting takes place inside the Star Destroyer on its three main floors. Discover a hangar filled with fighters and bombers, a core reactor, a control deck, a communications tower and much more!

The most popular game mode on “Destroyer” is currently Melee-only Deathmatch (neon sticks anyone?), but normal Deathmatch has also proved a hit, especially with those keen on sniping. Thanks to GraveBear and his son ArmyDog for collaborating to create this map on the US server.

We mentioned melee mode was fun on this map, so this week there’s a mystery prize awaiting anyone on the US server who achieves the following challenge:

•        30 KO’s with the Red Glow Stick or the Blue Glow Stick

Simply complete this challenge before Wednesday 19 September to win something!

The winners and mystery prize will be announced on the official forum within 7 days following the deadline.

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