"MarsAttack" by Ploxi

Get ready to fight for Mars

November 26, 2012

Teaser Image

Okay Soldiers! Buckle up and get ready to move. We’re going to wipe those filthy aliens from the face of the planet!

Ploxi’s new map sends us off to a battle between brick soldiers and aliens. You’ll find everything a real invasion needs: two parties, invaders and defenders, fighting over one planet. Good guys and bad guys: who will you join? Will you side with the brick soldiers or do you prefer to fight with the aliens?

This map has everything you would expect from a fight between two opposing parties on a moon base. Find hidden passages, use a crashed spaceship to hide, check out the helicopter for snipers and don’t forget to take a look at the main attraction: a space station. Polish your guns for some intense firefights and dominate this map!

Grab yourself some friends and win 10 matches in Team Deathmatch to pass the challenge.

The rewards for this week’s challenge are 10 potions that provide 50 health points for your action panel. Prizes will be delivered on Monday, 3 December.

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