A new Clan War Map for Brick-Force!

And the winner is…

December 19, 2014

Teaser Image

Panting, he was running down the slope, incapable of coordinating his legs’ movement so that he started stumbling towards the end. With his last bit of strength, he dragged himself into the moss-covered, crumbing building, which was standing next to the battered jungle colony. This was when he saw a fellow soldier of his clan, heavily injured. Carefully, he peeked through the ruins that had been blasted by shockwaves. In the distance, he saw explosions shattering the temple building close by. The war had only just begun…

The winning map for our Clan Map Building Contest is:

StarEmpire by C-Bro, representative for Clan S.T.A.R.S.!

Congratulations! Your Clan will receive a total of 25,000 Tokens, which will be split between the members who took part in the map creation.

We want to thank all players and their clans for taking part in this competition and wish you all lots of success for all future clan wars on these outstanding maps!

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