New Default Map Rotation

Brickstar brings new maps into the spotlight

November 8, 2012

Teaser Image

You'll notice that much has changed with the arrival of the second season of Brick-Force, Brickstar! Now you know that we've got new weapons, new bricks, new functionality, new costumes... that's a lot of new things. And it doesn't stop there!

Upon creating a room, you'll find that the default map selection is much more robust than it was prior to the Brickstar update. There are a couple of reasons why we did this. We wanted to reward some of our most talented builders and give them proper recognition and exposure. We also wanted to make Brick-Force more accessible and provide more options for new players coming into the game and jumping right into a match.

Head on over to our forums by clicking below, or hop in-game and create a room to check out the new rotation.


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