Official Announcement: FP-Exploit

Attention please!

November 29, 2016

Greetings Players!

The following announcement addresses the new FP exploit, which is occurring since the last weekend. Players create maps with minimal effort and then charge 1000 FP per download. This map is then downloaded in great numbers of accounts of dubious origin and payed with FP of shady origin. This way a lot of cheated FP can be moved to single accounts.

This is, as of now, forbidden. Players who used this in the past are lucky and will not face consequences for it. Players that are caught doing this will not only have all FP gained this way permanently removed, but will also face severe punishment.

These cases will be investigated individually by the Brick-Force-Team, in detail and caution. If you just built a successful map, you are not in automatically in danger. Our only goal is to get rid of this exploit.

Thank you all for your attention! Have fun with Brick-Force!

Washburne & Your Brick-Force-Team



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