• Happy Holidays!

    And a happy new year!

    December 23, 2016

    Happy Holidays dear Brick-Soldiers!

    The year is coming to an end and to celebrate all the loving, eating and party-ing, we prepared a series of sales for you!

    Our big holiday sale starts 23.12.2016, 00:00h cest and lasts until 02.01.2017, 23:55h cest. Here you will find everything your holiday-spirit needs - and more!

    On the following days, we will also have a series of 24 hour-special-sales. Each lasting 24 hours and filled with fun outfits and deadly weapons. First of will be on the 24th - our "BEST OF" sale will feature the coolest stuff from our past sales.

    Following up will be the "Funny X-Mas" Sale on the 25th and "Royal Visit" on the 26th of December.

    To end the year with a bang, we also have a 24 hour-special-sale on the 31st of December, but the topic will be a suprise ;)

    All 24 hour-special-sales will start the respective day at 00:00h cest and last until 23:55h cest.

    As always our products will range from only Token to only FP, so everyone can find something to treat themselfs to these holidays!


    At last: Thank you all for 2016! It wasn't an easy year, but we have a way better standing now then 6 month ago and this improved the trust in Brick-Force. 2017 will be the year of used potential and exiting times lie ahead of us!

    Thank you for you loyalty and patience! And SPECIAL THANKS to our most patient and knowledgeable team of moderators! Without them, this whole operation would not be possible - so show some resect and gratitude to the girls and boys! The stuff they have to deal with in their freetime is crazy.


    Happy Holidays and a happy new Year!



    Washburne & BF Team

  • Connection Issue

    Can't login?

    December 15, 2016

    Teaser Image

    Greetings Players!


    Do you have Issues with loging in? Game and Forum are giving you trouble? Dont worry! You're game is not broken and you are not banned.


    We currently suffering a login-issue that has to be resolved player by player. We are allready working on it are asure you that we will return to regular gaming-service shortly.


    Thank you all for your patience!


    Best regards,

    Washburne & your BF Team



  • Map of the Month – November


    December 14, 2016

    Teaser Image

    Cozy greetings, Brick-Soldiers!

    November is over and we are head over heels in holiday preperations. Christmas-decoration is lying around everywhere, everyone is tripping over the lametta – and Washburne is quite the grinch. But what can one do – it is holiday season after all! But this also means: November is over, time for the new Map of the Month! Hit it!

    Place 3: Toxic Cry by Glotzauge

    Glotzauge is not only a streaming sensation, he can also build stuff. Toxic Cry invites you into hazardous tunnels and factories to explore – but be carefull. Death is waiting at every corner.

    Place 2: The BrickMovie by Zaun

    Playing games and watching TV at the same time? Not a problem on this map. Relive the adventures of past seasons! And the best part? You are not only watching, but participating! A creative map for dark wintery days.

    Place 1: IcyNorth by Badaboom5

    We wont lie: This month was a though choice. But how to relax better then go the far north. Insert some puns about chilling in cool places - and you got the spirit. But in a plottwist no one saw coming this map also hides a strong James Bond-vibe. Entertainment for everyone!

    And that's it for November, Brick-Soldiers! Winners please contact a Community-Moderators regarding their weapon of choice. Of course, we had a lot of great entries this month as well, but there can only be three winners in the end.

    Please note: Every player can only take part with one map per month. If you send in more than one map, only your last entry will be considered.

    All strong contestors:

    Arktis Star by Clone117

    Ruins by dnDaniel

    Chateau SS by Misti2001

    That’s all the winners for November, Brick-soldiers! Make sure to get working on your December map for a chance to win prizes next time! Remember this is our criteria we use to judge maps:

    •     Balance: Is the map balanced? Does every team have a chance to win?
    •     Visuals: Is there a theme, and how was it incorporated into the map?
    •     Complexity: How intricate and how much effort was put into making the map?
    •     Special features: Is there anything unique that affects and adds to the gameplay?

    Congratulations to the winners and good luck for this month!

  • Official Announcement: FP-Exploit

    Attention please!

    November 29, 2016

    Greetings Players!

    The following announcement addresses the new FP exploit, which is occurring since the last weekend. Players create maps with minimal effort and then charge 1000 FP per download. This map is then downloaded in great numbers of accounts of dubious origin and payed with FP of shady origin. This way a lot of cheated FP can be moved to single accounts.

    This is, as of now, forbidden. Players who used this in the past are lucky and will not face consequences for it. Players that are caught doing this will not only have all FP gained this way permanently removed, but will also face severe punishment.

    These cases will be investigated individually by the Brick-Force-Team, in detail and caution. If you just built a successful map, you are not in automatically in danger. Our only goal is to get rid of this exploit.

    Thank you all for your attention! Have fun with Brick-Force!

    Washburne & Your Brick-Force-Team



  • Rangersale!

    Also: Premium up in the Shop!

    November 18, 2016

    Teaser Image

    Greetings Brick-Soldiers!


    This weeks sale is magnificent! You will find the full Ranger and Centaurion Outfits in the shop, also some nice weapons to fight off those annoying enemies. Including a permanent Maxed-Up Locust. So get it while it's avaiable!


    Also a new thing: For the first time you can buy premium in the shop. We now offer 30-Day Premium Memberships in the shop. This way premium is also avaiable for Steam-users!


    While Premium will of course stay in the shop till the end of the days, the sale of our other items ends sunday, 20.11.2016, 23:55h cest. So don't miss your chance!


    Have a great weekend!


    Washburne & your BF Team

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