• Weapon Shipment – Part 2

    3 new packs with brand-new weapons – pre-order now!

    February 27, 2014

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    Welcome to part 2 of the mega pre-sale extravaganza! The first batch of new weapons was introduced last week. Now we’ve got completely new packs incoming: more colorful 5-star sci-fi high-tech weapons – and we’re offering them in three new packs available for pre-order. Not only do these packs offer sensational 50% savings – this time we’ve also included a special bonus for everyone who pre-orders now: 10% better stats than the weapons will have when they’re available in the shop later. So you’ll be one of the first to carry these new, space-age weapons, and you’ll also get a unique advantage – but only if you pre-order!

    The three new bricktastic packs are as follows:

    Planetary Annihilation Pack

    Seismic Assault Rifle A2: Only 5 shots in the magazine – more than enough with this deadly precision and earth-shattering damage. Medium-weight weapon.

    Devastator 2000: Let bullets rain down upon your enemies – 100 shots without reloading! Heavy primary.

    Rail Pistol 2S: Extremely precise, even over long distances. Requires some time to reload, but then sends a high-energy shot like no other!

    The pack also includes 20 Elite Weapon Gems!


    Space Assault Pack

    Disruptor 5K2: Continuously fires heavy shots with precision over medium and long distances.

    Nucleon 41: Compact with 40 shots in the magazine. Perfect melee weapon.

    Omega 3: Three mercilessly brutal shots in the magazine. Lightning-fast reloads.

    Once again with 20 Elite Weapon Gems as a bonus!


    Sonic Boom Pack

    X21 Sonic Shotgun: Limited range but highly effective for short distances – destroys everything in its path.

    M06 Pulse Rifle: Semiautomatic sniper rifle. Low recoil and high rate of fire, continuous and precise.

    A1 Particle Pistol: 25 shots and extremely accurate. Perfect for long-range.

    This pack also comes with 20 Elite Weapon Gems!


    All of our pre-sale packs will be delivered on Thursday, 6 March 2014.

  • Exclusive Bricksaga Starter Packs

    Become a medieval warrior

    October 22, 2013

    Teaser Image

    Dear Adventurers,

    Hear ye, hear ye! To mark the official release of the Season 3 of Brick-Force, Bricksaga, the Itinerant Brick-Merchants’ Federation is introducing exclusive packs to help facilitate your way through the epic and chivalrous world of Bricksaga!

    Will you choose the noble knight kit, or would you rather become a rebellious archer? The crazy builders will not be left out as a special pack is dedicated to them, which should inspire them to build maps as majestic as medieval cathedrals.

    You will find Force Points, bonuses, treasure chests full of gems, weapons, exclusive items, and much more in these 3 exclusive release packs!

    • Noble Knight Pack:

    Complete Knight Costume, Knight’s Dagger and Sword, 5,000 FP, and much more! 

    • Vulpine Archer Pack:

    Complete Archer Costume, Archer’s Daggers and Axe, Hornet Crossbow, 20,000 FP, and much more! 

    • Builders Pack:

    Normal and Function Brick Tickets, Extra Map Slot, Space Booster, XP and FP bonuses, and much more! 

    For more information on these exclusive offers, visit the page dedicated to the release packs!

    Please switch the channel after purchase to see the correct runtime of the items.


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