Rocket One by TheFighter

Lift off with the Booster Bricks

November 12, 2012

Teaser Image

3... 2... 1 Prepare for lift-off! A booster brick provides the setting for a lot of quick matches on our current Map of the Week. Something seems to have gone wrong, though. There are warning signs all over the place, urging ground control to abort launch.

Watch out, the booster brick is guarded! Heavy cannons and strategically placed Booster bricks and exploding drums have been installed to protect the structure from careless players.

Get ready for this week’s challenge. Grab yourself some friends and win 10 matches in Team Deathmatch to pass the challenge. Man the cannons and watch out for those explosive drums!

The rewards for this week’s challenge are 10 potions that provide 50 health points for your action panel. Prizes will be delivered on Monday, 19 November.
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