It's Sales-Time!

Suprisingly, we sell you stuff!

August 15, 2016

Teaser Image

Greetings Brick-Soldiers!


As announced earlier, we have a whole array of different items for you ready in the shop. Please, feel free to check them out!


The Sale will run from 15.08.2016 till 28.08.2016.


Please note: Since Brick-Force is under new command (Washburne), this sale is a test-run. We can't garantuee prices or the structure of the sale to be ever again like this. This depends heavily on your feedback in the next two weeks!


As a test we used the exact prices the old Infernum Team left us regarding all Token prices. We adjusted all Force Point prices to match Token prices as they were extremly cheap before in comparison.

Again, this is a test run.

Please, let us know your feedback here in our forums! Make sure to talk to our Mod-Team as well. Stay friendly though, as they did there best to stop us from raising the prices even more (Joking, but they were a voice of reason!).


Thank you all for your patience! We're looking forward to your feedback and improving the shop in the future!

Best regards,

Washburne & BF Team

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