The Summer is here!

June 19, 2017

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And this is what we celebrate with a bricktastic Event and Prizes!

Here is an overview of the entire event:

The event starts on 19th June ’2017 and runs over 11 weeks, each week is played around another summer weapon. The associated Eventaccount is called EventSunny. Sunny could appear with a double or a protector. So be on your guard.


  • - Your task is to kill Sunny with the summer weapon, which you can get using the following Promotion Code during the Holidays: "BananasEvent".
  • - The event rounds take place exclusively on the FUN servers, to allow each player the opportunity to participate.
  • - If you are caught hacking, bugging or other criminal activities, you will be automatically excluded from the event and you will be charged with reasonable penalties.
  • - Whoever intentionally and in high numbers kills with a wrong weapon, can be excluded from the event!

Any further rules, as well as announcements from existing team members, must be always followed!


Each player can win each of the 11 summer weapons as a 7 to 30 may up version. The permanent winnings, however, are divided into 11 players!
How you get the winnings you see here, it ONLY count the kills with the respective weapon of the week. You always get only one code for the weapon with which you made the kills.

  1. Kills --- 7-Tage version of the weapon (Max Up)
  2. Kills --- 14-Tage version of the weapon (Max Up)
  3. Kills --- 30-Tage version of the weapon (Max Up)

The melee weapons as well as the grenades can unfortunately not be issued as a Max Up version, so these weapons are only distributed as day versions without upgrades. The winners of the permanent version are still upgrading 10 Elite Stones.

At the draw for the permanent version of the weapon you take part automatically with the first kill of this weapon. How many kills do you have in the end does not matter. Here is the overview of the weapon we currently have:

19th of June until 25th of June: banana shooter Code: BananasEvent


Now we can only wish you a lot of fun and success at the event! ;D.
Sunny & your Brick-Force Team

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