Weapon Shipment – Part 2

3 new packs with brand-new weapons – pre-order now!

February 27, 2014

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Welcome to part 2 of the mega pre-sale extravaganza! The first batch of new weapons was introduced last week. Now we’ve got completely new packs incoming: more colorful 5-star sci-fi high-tech weapons – and we’re offering them in three new packs available for pre-order. Not only do these packs offer sensational 50% savings – this time we’ve also included a special bonus for everyone who pre-orders now: 10% better stats than the weapons will have when they’re available in the shop later. So you’ll be one of the first to carry these new, space-age weapons, and you’ll also get a unique advantage – but only if you pre-order!

The three new bricktastic packs are as follows:

Planetary Annihilation Pack

Seismic Assault Rifle A2: Only 5 shots in the magazine – more than enough with this deadly precision and earth-shattering damage. Medium-weight weapon.

Devastator 2000: Let bullets rain down upon your enemies – 100 shots without reloading! Heavy primary.

Rail Pistol 2S: Extremely precise, even over long distances. Requires some time to reload, but then sends a high-energy shot like no other!

The pack also includes 20 Elite Weapon Gems!


Space Assault Pack

Disruptor 5K2: Continuously fires heavy shots with precision over medium and long distances.

Nucleon 41: Compact with 40 shots in the magazine. Perfect melee weapon.

Omega 3: Three mercilessly brutal shots in the magazine. Lightning-fast reloads.

Once again with 20 Elite Weapon Gems as a bonus!


Sonic Boom Pack

X21 Sonic Shotgun: Limited range but highly effective for short distances – destroys everything in its path.

M06 Pulse Rifle: Semiautomatic sniper rifle. Low recoil and high rate of fire, continuous and precise.

A1 Particle Pistol: 25 shots and extremely accurate. Perfect for long-range.

This pack also comes with 20 Elite Weapon Gems!


All of our pre-sale packs will be delivered on Thursday, 6 March 2014.

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