The Winners of our Halloween Contests

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October 29, 2015

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Contest No. 1.1: [Map] Create a scary painting

Is your painting worthy of hanging above an old and haunted castle’s fireplace? Well, this one definitely is!

Harvest by Daxflame!

Contest No. 1.2: [Map] Build a scary ghost train

Are you ready for some bone-shattering starts once more? Then you should definitely download the following maps right away!

1st place: Ghost Train by skymasterj

2nd place: King Grave by BuilderAcc

3rd place: halloween! by godus

Contest No. 2: The scariest story of all times

These stories prove that our players are the most talented when it comes to scary stuff! Thank you for your numerous submissions, and our congratulations to the following people:

1st place:  AeroAce777
2nd place: Fire_Girl
3rd place: PkPearce

Contest No. 3: A self-made Brick-Force Halloween mask

Your creativity shall be rewarded! Here are the best real-life Brick-Force masks! We hope that you’ll grab the most sweets with these gems! ;-)

1st place: PoOp_911

2nd place: ArAnDaNo

3rd place: flametorch

Many thanks to all participants! All winners will receive personal messages through the forum.

The Infernum team wishes all of you a very scary Halloween!

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