Yarucaras by RCP

Old Elf Lands

April 22, 2015

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Yarucaras was once a civilised city, where peace was valued as highly as the respect for nature. But as the city was very popular among the Brick People due to its beautiful flora and fauna, many of them moved there within a short timeframe. The bigger the city grew, the louder and dirtier it became, and soon, every last plant had been replaced with concrete.

One day though, huge trees started growing everywhere. People assumed that the old elven people that had once roamed these lands were still present in spirit and that this was their way of telling people to remember their old respect for nature.

Unfortunately, the people didn’t listen to the spirits and soon, the trees became a tourist attraction of their own. More than ever before, the city was groaning under the burden of all the people. Until one day, it all ended when a great earthquake shattered the lands and split the earth which swallowed all the remains of the now ruined city.

Today, the forests of Yarucaras are inhabited by a tribe of people who are said to be descendants of the old elves. Lately, some so-called civilised people have been trying to re-build the city here, but nothing good came from it – all it provoked was new battles breaking out constantly.

Will the tribe members manage to protect Yarucaras from the city people for the rest of time?

Win 3 matches in a mode of your choice on Yarucaras by RCP and earn yourself an Orc Flower Pot (fully upgraded) (30 Days)!

End: Sunday, 26 April 2015, 23:59 CEST

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