Hello Brick soldiers,

Your continuous feedback regarding dishonest players did not go unheard and led to several discussions here at Infernum. Let me assure you, our primary goal is to deliver the most fun and the most exciting gameplay experience, but unfortunately, cheaters enjoy disturbing this and we have absolutely zero tolerance for such behavior.

We have been trying every single solution we could imagine in order to get rid of these pesky fun breakers while still providing you with a webplayer. Unfortunately, we have finally come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible for us to protect you from cheaters and to maintain the webplayer at the same time.

Consequently, we have deactivated the webplayer for the European servers until further notice. Don’t worry, you can still play! You simply need to install the Client version of Brick-Force (~300 MB). You can find the download here: Client Download

You can still use your login to continue playing Brick-Force on your existing account, with all of your existing progression, tokens and items.

We hope that this drastic measure will allow you to have fun in Brick-Force without having to bear with awful cheaters.

Thank you and enjoy Brick-Force!