• Brick-Heros!

    They are back in action!

    21 de febrero de 2017


    Greetings Brick-Soldiers!


    It took some time, but then we got a new application - a new application, worthy of the title 'Brick-Hero'. So we will continue our series on that from now on! 'Brick-Hero' is about you, the players! Once a month we will present one of you to the community, in form of a short bio. Because you are what makes Brick-Force special! So we want to put you in the spotlight!

    This time our Hero is Badaboom5. He is a collector and very proud of his rare items. For a long time, the Thunder 47 was is favourite gun, since it was first one he ever purchased. Currently he like the Burning Hurricane most, because of her allround playability. This is why our current sale is presenting here with a 25% discount on her regular price.

    In his cute monkey-costume, he tends to steal the show in any match he is participating, but usually you don't have a lot of time enjoying his looks, cause he is also a skillfull player. He enjoys playing Brick-Force on maps he and his friends created. You can find a full interview (in german) in the official Brick-Force Forum.


    You want to be the next Brick-Hero? Then apply in the Forum! Write to our Community Moderator Clone117 and use the subject 'Brick-Helden'. Send us some good reasons why you should be the next Brick-Hero!

    See you next time!

    Best regards,

    Your Brick-Force Community Team

  • Lunar New Year!

    Great Items are waiting!

    27 de enero de 2017

    Teaser Image

    Greetings and a happy new Year, Brick-Soldiers!


    To celebrate the lunar new year and the beginning of the year of the rooster, we prepared a great sale for you! Full of your requests and asian flavour.

    The Sale will run until the 12th february 2017, 23:55h cest. Of course we will continue with our mid-weekly 24h sales to expand our range!


    Have a great time!

    Your Brick-Force Team



  • Map of the Month - December

    Winners on duty!

    19 de enero de 2017

    Teaser Image

    Aloha Brick-Soldaten!


    So, we left December and survived the holiday season, so without further ado we present you the Map of the Month - December!

    3.Place: NoWhere by DasPech


    DasPech takes you to a hot trip through the desert. Recommended for all players sick of the cold, wet winter-weather.

    Reward: 2.500 Token, Weapon of Choice

    2. Place: Vega by Kagome0615


    Kagome0615 is back and he got something for us. Vega joins ice-cold beauty with industrial design, mixed with a hint of spy-thriller.

    Reward: 5.000 Token, Weapon of Choice

    1. Place: ZomB_Gift by -EaZzYy-

    For anyone who did not get enough of the holiday spirit last year can ask this map for seconds.

    1. Place: 10.000 Token, Weapon of Choice, Forumtitle (will be delivered later)

    And that's it for November, Brick-Soldiers! Winners please contact Clone117 regarding their weapon of choice. Of course, we had a lot of great entries this month as well, but there can only be three winners in the end.

    Please note: Every player can only take part with one map per month. If you send in more than one map, only your last entry will be considered.

    All strong contestors:

    Platonius by BronMaster
    SnowyBrick by Nilezz
    The Rift by Poeterbaer
    Schneefrei by OGAMERHD
    The Ship by Sturmkinge
    5starHotel by sdfgsgsf
    WonderLanD by UncleSwat
    -RR- by Amity-Owl

    That’s all the winners for December, Brick-soldiers! Make sure to get working on your January-map for a chance to win prizes next time! Remember this is our criteria we use to judge maps:

            Balance: Is the map balanced? Does every team have a chance to win?
            Visuals: Is there a theme, and how was it incorporated into the map?
            Complexity: How intricate and how much effort was put into making the map?
            Special features: Is there anything unique that affects and adds to the gameplay?

    Congratulations to the winners and good luck for this month!

  • Golden Era-Sale

    Shiny Things on Sale!

    5 de enero de 2017

    Teaser Image

    Greetings Brick-Soldiers and a happy new Year!

    Today the first sale of the new year started and we will try out something new! Todays sale is all about the golden era and all those shiny things! It's including wishes by us and you guys and gals.

    But that is not the special part! With this sale we will start an experiment! A whole array of items will be on sale for a crazy discount (usually around 1€), but only be aviable in a 30 day-version.

    Do you like it? Tell us in the designated forumthread. Don't like it? Do the same! And of course, you will vote with your behaviour as usual. We are looking forward to your feedback!

    The golden era sale starts now and is running up unitl the 8th january, 23:55h cest. We hope you have an awesome time!


    Cheers and best regards,

    Washburne & your BF Team

  • Happy Holidays!

    And a happy new year!

    23 de diciembre de 2016

    Happy Holidays dear Brick-Soldiers!

    The year is coming to an end and to celebrate all the loving, eating and party-ing, we prepared a series of sales for you!

    Our big holiday sale starts 23.12.2016, 00:00h cest and lasts until 02.01.2017, 23:55h cest. Here you will find everything your holiday-spirit needs - and more!

    On the following days, we will also have a series of 24 hour-special-sales. Each lasting 24 hours and filled with fun outfits and deadly weapons. First of will be on the 24th - our "BEST OF" sale will feature the coolest stuff from our past sales.

    Following up will be the "Funny X-Mas" Sale on the 25th and "Royal Visit" on the 26th of December.

    To end the year with a bang, we also have a 24 hour-special-sale on the 31st of December, but the topic will be a suprise ;)

    All 24 hour-special-sales will start the respective day at 00:00h cest and last until 23:55h cest.

    As always our products will range from only Token to only FP, so everyone can find something to treat themselfs to these holidays!


    At last: Thank you all for 2016! It wasn't an easy year, but we have a way better standing now then 6 month ago and this improved the trust in Brick-Force. 2017 will be the year of used potential and exiting times lie ahead of us!

    Thank you for you loyalty and patience! And SPECIAL THANKS to our most patient and knowledgeable team of moderators! Without them, this whole operation would not be possible - so show some resect and gratitude to the girls and boys! The stuff they have to deal with in their freetime is crazy.


    Happy Holidays and a happy new Year!



    Washburne & BF Team

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