• A Heroic Weapon

    Brick-Force’s Next Superhero

    20 de agosto de 2014

    Teaser Image

    Whenever Dr. Brickula stirs up trouble, you can bet that Brickman will soon swoop in and save the day. Today you can get his powerful weapon in the shop!

    This fire-engine red rifle not only looks hot, it’s also highly effective in toasting your enemies.


    Enjoy doing your heroic deeds with this fine weapon. Offer expires tonight at 23:59!

  • Darkness: Full Force

    Black Knight Fully Upgraded

    20 de agosto de 2014

    Teaser Image

    The evil Dr. Brickula has successfully regained his full power! With a new pendant from Erebrick, the king of darkness, Dr. Brickula’s armor has become tougher and stronger, crushing anyone who stands in his way.

    So don’t waste any time, grab the infamous fully upgraded outfit and join the most frightening army of Brick-Force! May Brickula’s force be with you.


    This sale ends tomorrow at 23:59.

  • Your Costume – Your Choice

    Vote for your favorite costume for 50% off!

    19 de agosto de 2014

    Teaser Image

    Showing off and having a good time never hurt anyone, and that’s why there are so many costumes in Brick-Force!

    Give us YOUR opinion on your favorite costumes, every week! And the cherry on top: The elected costume will be available for 50% off in the shop for an entire week following the voting!

    Make your choice between the following three costumes:

    1. Muchacho Outfit
    2. Sheriff Outfit
    3. Bandit Outfit


    Voting rules:

    ·         You can only vote for 1 costume every week!


    The winning costume will be the one that receives the most votes on Facebook by 19 August 2014. It will then be available in the shop for 50% off the following week.


  • Outer Space Hero

    Save 50% on the Mercury outfit!

    18 de agosto de 2014

    Teaser Image

    “Beware my power, Mercury’s light!”


    The glowing Mercury suit is the winning costume for the “Your Costume - Your Choice” vote last week! That means it will be available for 50% off all this week.



    Never heard of this poll?  Here’s a link and further information:


    Website News         |     Facebook Page


  • ”KeksTal” by Badkenny

    The Final Hours

    18 de agosto de 2014

    Teaser Image

    For several generations the valley of Kekses has been guarded by its holy protectors. The valley remained peaceful and quiet, till one day darkness filled the sky to the north. A band of raiders seeking to take the treasure of the temple gather outside the forest. Stand with the guards or pillage with the group of raiders – the choice is yours alone.

    KeksTal by Badkenny is an outstanding map filled with a wonderful visual landscape. Badkenny has put in a lot of details and effort into the creation of this masterpiece, supporting many game modes and countless hours of fun. Check out KeksTal today!

    Map Challenge: Complete 12 matches of any game mode in KeksTal by Badkenny and receive a 7-day Matiazo Shotgun.
    End: Sunday, 24 August, 11:59”KeksTal” by Badkenny

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