View Full Version : is there a reason why the launcher wont work?

24.04.2012, 06:00
i downloaded it and re downloaded it but x trap just fails and fails and fails and i just signed up got a msg saying i got a beta helm and if i recruit 5 people ill get a hammer or something just wondering when ill be able to try out the game

24.04.2012, 06:20
Give us more information about the error.
A Screenshot, and your AntiVirus Programs.

24.04.2012, 06:25
im using norton 360 but its never interfered with x trap before and i can run other games just fine with x trap im using windows 7 64bit link to screen http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy218/barker_2010/Untitled-11.png i tried running as admin still didnt work so if im doing something wrong or if i need to manually fix a file id like to know

24.04.2012, 06:37
warning this is not the best way! wat i did was i disabled all my anti everythings deleted and reinstalled. Then run the game and if it still dont wont tell your comp that if it wont work ur going to punch it in the hardware then try again. And if it still dont run well you have 2 choices- 1. give it a falcon punch or sell it and buy a new comp. lol

24.04.2012, 06:38
im pretty sure i dont need a new comp its an alienware m11x and its only about 3 months old i found out what the problem is cuz of how tired i am i accidently dled the EU version instead of US and also in the folder theres a launcher that almost completely by passes x-trap just dl'd the right version and its still not working only thing i can think of is this game wasnt set for windows 7 64 bit or something

24.04.2012, 17:50
alienware?whoa,loved that pc tipe.anyway,i got problem with x-trap in many games,and i never solved them.i also get probably your same error with x-trap when running brick force.
what i do?i just wait for a random update to randomly fix this.strange,but it ever worked.

24.04.2012, 20:11

X-trap error 104 is something we sadly have no solution for at the moment.

A lot of error codes are connected to overlay tools like Overwolf, or programs like Mumble or Teamviewer. There we are able to give a fix straight away on seeing the code.
With #104 this is a bit different, the devs are still searching for the reason and hope to find a fix asap. Sorry about that. :(

17.08.2013, 00:53
I need help with me my eu launcher wont work ik im us and all and but I wana be on eu now saying launcher wont work I don't know much about my com but its a hp windows 7

17.08.2013, 01:07
Gage, are you aware of how old this thread is? Please do not post on thread about problems that you have already made a thread about and especially not on very old threads from back in beta.

17.08.2013, 01:24
Sorry I didn't know Bill Bill can you help me on my thread

20.08.2013, 11:11

please use your existing thread or contact support, instead of reviving ancient threads. Thanks :)