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21.05.2012, 23:27
Just installed the game and when I try to open it it says,


"This application has failed to start becaause the application configuration is incorrect. reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

I've reinstalled the program multiple times but it still won't work and the play now button doesn't show up on the website either.

Whenever I use the other launcher It gives me an error code 10-0400-00000000-700 wut.

22.05.2012, 08:36
We will need more details about the first error. The second error is X-Trap, because it is not allowed to start the game directly with the Brick-Force.exe .
Do you have Admin Rights on your computer? If yes, please try to execute the Game as Administrator. Right-click on the Bflauncher.exe and choose "Run as Administrator".

If this doesn't work, please fill out this list:

Operation System (32 or 64bit):
Internet Connection Speed:
Any other process that might interfere with Brick-Force because it was running in the background:

22.05.2012, 23:09
Operation System: 64 bit
RAM:512 MB
CPU: Celeron "yes i know ugh" 2.60Gh
Internet Connection Speed: 25Mbps

Also, when i use the shortcut the first error comes up, without the xtrap error. when I use Brickforce.exe it comes up, shows a white screen for a few seconds, shut off, and then the xtrap error comes up. Plus it says I'm in Europe when I'm in the US.

23.05.2012, 00:08
Personally i would say you don't have enough RAM and your processor isn't the strongest as well.
What Windows are you using? What videocard do you have in your computer?

24.05.2012, 01:04
I just don't think that's the problem though. If it were because of me not having enough RAM at least the launcher would come up, but it doesn't.
If it makes a difference, I'm using windows XP. It doesn't have to be windows 7 right?

24.05.2012, 08:32
Windows XP is sufficient but Windows XP alone already uses 280MB of RAM and when you have other programs open, it's almost impossible to play.
I would recommend to upgrade your RAM at least to 1 GB and try again.
512MB was lot like 7-8 years ago but today you won't be able to do a lot with it.
Your videocard is probably one with 256MB RAM, am i right?

24.05.2012, 21:18
What are you implying?

25.05.2012, 08:26
I am implying that based on your known specs, your computer might be a bit too old for Brick-Force.
Either you think about upgrading your current system, so you can play or get a new computer.
I am well aware that a new computer is not possible for everyone but in order to play new games, you have to upgrade your computer.

22.06.2012, 17:03
I recomend you upgrade to just save a little each month and after a while you'l have enough belive e this works

See Ya on the Game!!!! (hopefully very soon)

23.06.2012, 03:30
What are you implying?
Basically your computer just doesn't have enough memory. That may have worked
a few years ago but now you need at least 1 GB to play a 3d game, recommend is 4 though.